• Is Claire alive, dead, or somewhere in-between?
  • How does Faraday know about the secondary protocol? Who would have let him in on it?
  • Why have the Numbers continued to follow Hurley back to the states?
  • The Whispers - are they related to ghosts/spirits, smokey, the Others, Jacob... who? Sometimes it seems like the Others are using them (like when Richard's group attacks Keamy's), other times it seems more like it has to do with the island or possibly spirits on it.
  • Why does Pierre Chang bother with candle-based aliases on the orientation videos? It's not like he's a mysterious unknown person to the folks in the DI - he's all around the compound, living with them, overseeing things, etc. They KNOW he's Dr. Chang, man. What gives?
  • How did the donkey wheel get there? Aliens? Is the island built on the remains of a crashed spaceship? What civilization might have put it there?

Add to the LOST Library:

  • Other than more Alice in Wonderland (white rabbits, bedtime stories) and Wizard of Oz ("There's No Place Like Home") allusions, nothing new or noticeable.

Excellent Lines


"They're referring to you as the Oceanic Six. That's not the best branding as far as we're concerned, but it's catchy." -- Karen Decker.

"Jesus Christ is not a weapon." -- Hurley's mom, when Hugo holds a statue like a club. Hilarious. And true.

Sayid [on the island decor of Hurley's party]: Interesting choice of theme.
Hurley: Yeah, mom... really doesn't get it, dude.

Ben: Couldn't find the anthuriums, could you?
Locke: I don't know what they look like!

Sawyer's nicknames for Lapidus include "Shaggy" and "Kenny Rogers." HAHAHA.

More Meaningful (and double-meaningful)

Kate [seeing Sawyer with Aaron]: Where's Claire?
Sawyer: We LOST her.

"What's with you and gettin off the island? You're like a... broken record!" -- Sawyer, to Jack. The broken record motif is going to be very important skipping ahead into Season Five...

"How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan." -- Ben. Okay, we get it. We won't doubt it anymore (even though I do - just barely - above).

"We have to - we need to go back!" -- Sun, screaming this, despite Lapidus's protests they can't land again. Your screams are just three years too early is all, Sun.

"Sometimes good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses." -- Ben, to Locke. Ya think? This makes for a convenient and almost laughable excuse when Ben uses it (it's not the first time). But the thing is, he's also telling Locke, don't judge me man, because when you lead, you're gonna be prone to this too. You might not have the same kind of bad emotional response (i.e. anger/revenge, maybe yours will be melancholy or fear), but the results in a command situation can be just as disastrous. He even goes on to sarcastically say as much to Locke: "I'm sure you're going to do A MUCH better job of separating the two than I ever did..."


Jack is still so obsessed by his promise to get folks rescued and to see it through that he goes out hunting a day or two after surgery.

The family greeting sequence when the O6 lands is nice and all, but doesn't have much to do with our purposes here. Most notable: nobody there for Kate (of course - she has a tough litany of things to face, sudden motherhood among them); no family for Sayid, so Hurley's family 'adopts' him; Sun has plenty of hugs for her mother but won't even look at her nasty old daddy.

Opening & Closing

4.12 Open - One white cloud in a blue sky above the ocean. Pull back into the cockpit of an airplane. The co-pilot strokes a rabbit's foot for luck considering the bad news cargo they're carrying.
4.13 Open - Tires screech. Kate didn't just drive away the night crazy bearded Jack screamed "we have to go back!" at her. She backed up and chewed him out.
4.14 Open - A man sits in a car reading a paper at night. Sayid knocks on the window, asks for the TIME. It's 8:15. Sayid blows his head off.