The French guys are picking up the broadcast of the numbers on their radios. I've heard some folks say it's a different voice than the first time we heard it in Season One, and that it sounds an awful lot like Hurley. I can see what they mean, especially on the numbers 23 and 42. Did Dharma-era Hurley ever go up and record the message?

Danielle meets Jin. She's pregnant. She tells Montand off when he starts questioning Jin accusingly. Jin is REALLY confused when he realizes this girl is Danielle Rousseau.

Jin agrees to help the group find the radio tower, from where he will be able to find his camp (but I didn't think Jin ever went to the tower?). Danielle and Robert are in love, and debate whether their child - due in two months - will be Alexander or Alexandra.

Nadine from their group has gone missing. But Smokey has found her, and he belches her 50 feet into the air! She falls to earth dead. We see it next stalk Montand from behind some bushes, and it seems to move in a manner like a sea serpent. Lots of ticks and winching sounds. Very mechanical, and a scene very much like the one where it dragged Locke into a hole. Same thing happening here - companions holding on to Montand, but they - unlike Jack and Kate - don't have any dynamite. Montand's arm is ripped off - just as Danielle said. Even Jin being there this time didn't prevent that. Score one for "whatever happened happened."

After Montand is dragged down the vent beneath the Temple wall, he calls out for aid. I'm thinking there is no more Montand, though; that that's not really "him" calling out for them to come to him. The whole team but Danielle goes down (and she is only prevented from doing so by Jin (so, did this always happen this way? If Jin hadn't prevented Danielle from going down, would she not have?). After this, we know what happens to Danielle's team - they get "sick." I blame smoke inhalation. Before they come up, Jin flashes out of the scene.

EARLY 1989?

Jin is left standing alone by the corner of the temple. There are heiroglyphs, and the same vent under the wall. And he almost trips on the rotting remains of Montand's arm, so he's clearly moved future-ward (but not too far) instead of into the past. Mounting a hill, he sees a column of black smoke in the distance. Might this be the day the Others take Alex? Jin comes out to a wrecked campsite at the beach, and Danielle's music box playing. Flies buzz around two dead bodies. Jin witnesses the final conversation between Danielle and Robert. "That thing changed you!" she says to him. Funny that she never mentions this to Sayid or the 815ers as the source of the sickness, just calling the Monster it a "Security System," which is what Robert told her it was, to protect the Temple. She lowers her gun... he raises his, but as we know, the firing pin was removed. She shoots Robert. Danielle tries to shoot Jin, too, thinking he is "sick" for the way he disappeared on her that day.

The details seem slightly different to me here than Danielle told the first time around. Did Jin's presence cause those? Did his presence create minor detail variations though the larger end results remained the same? I'm going that route for now - that everything that happened happened on the macro level, but on the micro level sometimes the big events can be brought about despite different minor methods of causation as each wave of time comes washing up.


Jin flashes into a new time period, and in this one, Sawyer's group is right where Jin had just run to in the jungle! Happy times... until Sawyer has to explain to him that Sun is not with them. Daniel explains that Jin's been moving with every flash, just like them.

It's not easy to explain to Jin, but he knows Charlotte can speak Korean. She doesn't want this revealed, but... she has no choice. Tells Jin the plan, but Jin can't figure why Locke would bring Sun back. "She never should have left," of course, is Locke's take. And I'm still asking why not. They didn't break the island by leaving, man.