They then suffer two flashes within 10 seconds of each other... which ultimately kills Charlotte. She speaks Korean to Jin, and tells him never to let Sun come back, because, "This place is death!" Girl, then why'd you spend your whole life trying to find it again? I guess perversely that's what we all do - live our whole lives trying to find something and then die. Charlotte's other pre-death mind-flash musings:

  • "Why can't daddy come with us?"
  • You know what my mom would say about me marrying an American.
  • I know more about ancient Carthage than Hannibal himself.
  • Turn it up - I love Geronimo Jackson!
  • Look for the well. You'll find it at the well (her response to what to do if they land in a time before the Orchid existed)
  • Admits to Daniel she's been here before - she grew up on the island with the DI
  • She moved away with her mom - never saw her dad again
  • She became an anthropologist to find the island again
  • She remembers a DI guy - a crazy scary guy - who told her to leave the island and never come back. If she did, she would die. That was Faraday... and he was warning that little girl against the very thing that is happening to her right now that he sits watching.
  • I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner (her last words)


Flash makes the Orchid disappear, but close nearby is a large well, just as Charlotte predicted.

Jin makes Locke promise not to bring Sun back. Gives Locke his ring as "proof" Jin is dead in case Sun comes to see him. Of course it functions oppositely in Ben's hands.

They lower Locke down. In the middle of his climb... FLASH ...


When the Flash happens, Locke can see it emanating up from below the well, rather than in the sky. Sawyer grabs the rope... and is left hold a rope going straight into solid earth. The well is gone, so this is sometime in the distant past. And when they turn around... well, we don't actually get to that until the next disc.

Locke fell the rest of the way down the well, breaking his leg (more leg injuries for this guy). He screams to see if anyone can hear him. A figure approaches in the dark and lights a lantern. Christian Shephard.

C: Hello, John.
L: You. What are you doing down here?
C: I'm here to help you the rest of the way.
L: I don't understand.
C: You came to see me in the cabin. You asked me how to save the island and I told you you had to move it. I said that YOU had to move it, John.
L: Ben said that he knew how to do it. He said that I had to stay here and lead his people.
C: And since when did listening to him get you anywhere worth a damn? The good news is that you're here now. You ready to go?
L: I don't know what to do once I get there.
C: There's a woman living in Los Angeles. Once you get all your friends together - and it must be all of them, everyone who left - once you've persuaded them to join you? This woman will tell you exactly how to come back.
L: Who is she?
C: Her name is Eloise Hawking.
L: What if I can only convince some of them to come back?
C: I believe in you, John. You can do this.
L: Richard said I was going to die.
C: Well I suppose that's why they call it sacrifice.
L: Alright, okay, I'm ready.
C: Good. Now, on the other side of this column here, is a wheel that slipped off its axis. All you have to do is give it a little push.
L: Could you help me up?
C: No. Sorry, I can't. (Seems like he'd rather not). Good luck, John. Say hello to my son.
L: Who's your son?

Christian once told Locke he could speak for Jacob, but I'm not convinced that's the case. This character has some bit of disdain going on beneath the surface. I think his body as well as that of Flocke are vehicles for Jacob's Nemesis. Whoever this really is did intend for Locke to turn the wheel, not Ben (Ben - we can gather from his words when he was alone in the wheel chamber - really did think it was the will of Jacob in order to exile him, so we can infer that the one who wanted Locke to turn it was NOT Jacob). The one thing I can't wrap my mind around is Hawking. All roads and all players seem to lead to her. Desmond, Locke, Ben, Widmore, Christian, Richard, Faraday -- all linked, even if known to be on different sides. Is she some kind of Gamemaster? How did she get from regular old island Other of the 50s to this role she now occupies? The other reason I don't trust Christian is his quote about sacrifice above. The only reason Richard told Locke he'd have to die is that Flocke told Richard that in another time period. Christian - unlike guys like Widmore who can't fathom why anyone would have told Locke he's going to need to die - doesn't dispute this at all. In fact he's the one who puts it in Locke's head for good.