NOVEMBER 1, 2004 (Aaron's birthday)

It would appear that when the time skipping folks flashed away from the army tents of the 1954 Others, they landed on a day during the 815ers' stay on the island. We know from the timeline that Aaron was born on November 1, 2004, and this is that day - the day Sawyer watches Kate help Claire birth Aaron from a hidden location.

Charlotte has been out for over 10 minutes with what Daniel describes as "really bad jetlag." Juliet says that wouldn't cause a hemorrhage, dude.

Locke says they have to go back to the Orchid. That's where this started, maybe it'll stop there. He knows (how?) that doing whatever Ben did will result in his leaving the island, and he thinks he knows that all this is happening because the O6 left (I really don't make that connection - those folks could just as easily have died in the freighter explosion or be stuck in time skip hell with you right now. How do they have anything to do with anything?). Regardless, because it's what Richard told Locke (but that may only have been because Locke told Richard?), Locke views his mission as going off-island to convince folks to come back... and having to die. He just doesn't know it's gonna take one to accomplish the other.

That night, they see the light from the Hatch blaze into the sky. Locke knows what was going on there. This is how they find out it's also the night Aaron was born and Boone died. Daniel realizes John knows when they are - but disappointingly doesn't press him for more info (I thought Faraday could calculate a way off the island for them with this knowledge?). Miles' nose starts bleeding, then they hear the birthing sequence. Sawyer sneaks off and sees Kate helping Claire... and is flooded with emotion.


On Penny's boat, Kate and Jack can't sleep. They discuss what to do with Aaron. Jack didn't know Claire was intending to give him up for adoption in LA. We see Kate has worked out the details, including saying she was 6 months pregnant at the time of the crash, and she gave birth to Aaron 4 weeks ago. Kate is sad about losing Michael, Jin, and Sawyer. Jack says Sawyer isn't dead. Kate knows, "but he's gone."

"If we're gonna be SAFE, if we're gonna protect everyone we left behind..." Jack tells Kate about having to convince everyone to lie. She's with him. She says, strangely, "I have always been with you." And it's crud like this that just has me not liking Kate very much. Were you with Jack when you were with Sawyer in his cage? Were you with Jack when he asked you to stay behind instead of getting captured and used as a hostage by the Others? Sure, you've usually followed his lead, but only when it suited you. If you didn't like what he wanted you to do, you did your own thing. So what's with this line? Even Jack looks confused by it. That being the case, I'm defaulting to how I want to take anything using the term "always" -- time loop. As in, Kate has always been linked with Jack every time this story cycles through history.


(The date of issue on Locke's Bentham passport is 12/12/07, so it can't be any earlier than that, or later than the week before New Year's, because the Ajira flight takes place while it's still 2007, does it not?)

After turning the wheel, Locke is flashed to the Tunisia exit point, which is being monitored by cameras these days (not just two men on horses like when Ben arrived, indicating this is post-2005). Locke still has his broken leg, just like Ben still had his arm injury. That night, men in a truck arrive to collect Locke. He's transported to a small desert hospital where he sees Matthew Abaddon (dude told Locke they'd meet again someday. But how did he know?).

The doctor sets Locke's broken leg bone quite painfully. When Locke wakes up, Charles Widmore is sitting by his bed. He flew in a specialist to reset the leg properly. Highlights of their discussion: