Sun: Locke kept his promise to Jin not to visit Sun.

Abaddon describes himself as someone who "helps people get to where they need to get to" - just like he did with Locke by convincing him to go on the Walkabout, the one that put him on 815. So if Widmore was the one who wanted Locke on the plane that crashed on the island, can it be assumed he's telling the truth at least about how long the island has wanted John to come there?

One thing Ben and Widmore have in common is wanting Locke and all his friends to get back to the island. But for some reason, Ben gets to go on the Ajira flight. Why not Charles? And which one is Hawking more loyal to?

Locke lies to several of the people he visits one way or another. Has he become Ben, just without the ability to convince people to act? This Locke was pretty much the same old Locke we always knew and sometimes loved (sometimes not so much), who was crippled by poor communication and a lifetime of so many issues and uncertainties. Which is why it's so obvious to me now that the Flocke guy walking around on Hyrda Island, standing on the beach like Jesus after his resurrection, is not Locke at all, but Jacob's nemesis.

Hurley mentions to Locke that Kate has Aaron. And we have to ask, since they've driven it into our skulls so much that "EVERYONE who left must come back," such that Locke would even go to visit Walt, why does this not apply to Aaron? It's not even broached that it should!

2007 - OCEANIC SIX & CO.

Kate borrows a black dress from Sun, leaving Aaron with her, to visit the lawfirm of the men who threatened her. As she leaves, Sun gets a package containing a file on Ben, black and white photos of Ben (with Jack), and a box of chocolates, under which is a gun.

Norton says his client won't divulge anything, but wants to handle the 'exchange of custody' quietly. We're supposed to wonder if maybe this is Claire's mom getting involved? We can safely assume that "Mr. Norton" may be another off-island Other with a legit real-world job, ala Jill the Butcher.

Jack gets in trouble for treating Sayid while under suspension. While he's getting chewed out, Hurley calls from jail to say he's safe, that Ben won't get him, tell Sayid I did what he said.

While Jack's out of the room, a nurse comes in with "meds" for Sayid, who suspects something. Guy tries to put two darts in him, but Sayid was already off the bed. Somebody wants to capture him alive very badly. Sayid finds the address "42 Panorama Crest" in the assailant's pocket. It's Kate's address. Just more machinations by Ben. If he succeeds in tranquing Sayid, great. If not, get him to that address.

For Ben's purposes, it's REALLY convenient that Sun happens to be in LA right now (to kill him). It's the first time I've ever let myself wonder if he and Widmore ALSO share a common purpose (to get the O6 back there - and maybe Widmore assisted in that with talking to Sun before she left for LA? Widmore does tell Locke he'll do whatever he can to help Locke get all his friends together).

Kate, staking out Norton, is suprised to see Jack clean shaven and sober. They tail Norton to a hotel. Kate assumes this is the client meeting Norton told her about, so when it ends up that he's meeting with Carole Littleton, she can only assume one thing. Really though, Norton is just there with Carole as part of a suit against Oceanic.

The carpet van in which Ben and Sayid are driving Locke's body around is for a company called "Canton-Rainier" (anagram of "Reincarnation") which foreshadows that we can be pretty certain to see Locke up and walking again, even though that's not technically reincarnation. Nor do I think we see a resurrection - though I always hoped that was the case. I think it's more of a reanimation.

The van pulls into a garage to meet up with Mr. Norton -- now we know who his client is that's harrassing Kate. Ben spurred her into action. Norton has also secured Hugo's release from jail the next day, as the medical examiner determined the man outside Santa Rosa was shot before Hurley escaped.