At the Marina, when Kate sees Ben, she's freaked. When Jack says Ben's with him, she's more freaked. She deduces quickly that Ben pulled this "take Aaron" stunt. Now... Ben has already gotten Kate here. It would seem unnecessary and counterproductive for him to continue to goad her. But he does with, "Because he's not your son, Kate." Was Alex your daughter, Ben? Come on. That Ben doesn't need to say this when he DOES need Kate to get on the plane has me thinking he might know something is up with Aaron, might know there's a reason Aaron needs to go live with someone else, a reason he can't come to the island (even though by all we've been told, it would be logical to assume he should have to come).

Sun is at the Marina too, with Aaron in the back seat. She's got her gun, ready to kill Ben for his role in Jin's death... even as we've just learned that Jin is alive. And here's another thing that has always made me go Hmmmm: Sun gets a phone call from her mother - Ji Yeon wants to say hello. It's Sun's last conversation with her daughter (no, she doesn't know this - but she DOES intend to murder someone upon hanging up), and she spends her conversation saying, "I met a new friend for you in America - his name is Aaron"? It seems out of place. You've got one kid in your back seat, another on the phone, a gun in your hand... and the thing you take time to do is tell these children about each other. Does this somehow link them? Will they grow up to be the next generation of island battlers and searchers? It also bugs me that Jin was always so adamant that Sun take care of that baby, and now the last thing he would ever want is for her to abandon the child to come find him... but that's exactly what she does, even though she has to suspect she may never be returning. A bit unsettling.

"I didn't kill your husband, Sun. Neither did anyone else. Because he's NOT dead." -- Ben. Lucky for Ben he was told by Locke just before he killed him that Jin was alive, and hey, he'd even given him this ring to pass along... but the ring was SUPPOSED to be a sign to Sun that Jin was dead, because his wish is that she STAY WITH THEIR KID and NEVER COME BACK. Another misread sign due to perspective or manipulation.

Ben's plan is hitting some snags. Kate flips out when she finds out this is about going back to the island. Sayid says if he sees Jack or Ben again, it'll be extremely unpleasant. Sun's got him hostage, and the clock is ticking.

The van pulls up to the church. Ben, Jack, and Sun arrive the same time as Desmond. Ben reaches in his pocket, pulls out Jin's ring. He didn't need to drive anywhere for it. He just wanted them to come with him. When Ben says he got the ring from Locke, Jack calls him on it - you said John never came to see you. "That's true, Jack - I went to see him." Jack's look says he's so tired of dealing with this man and his little games, but let's just get it over with.

Des: What are you doing here?
Ben: I assume the same thing you are.
Des: You're looking for Faraday's mother too?
Ben suddenly has a realization. Doesn't seem like he's made this connection before. Walks inside anyway. So we know that Hawking is connected to Widmore, but now is working with Ben? That may be scratching him right now as well...

Hawking says they can get started, despite not having everyone. Jack, Sun, Ben, and Desmond follow her downstairs to The Lamp Post dharma station... below a church... in Los Angeles. Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? Some discrepancy regarding whether or not Ben knew about this lab, which Hawking says is how Dharma found the island in the first place.

On the wall of the station, Jack sees a U.S. Army "Eyes-Only" photo of the island dated 9/23/54, as in exactly 50 years prior to the crash of 815.