History Lesson: The room the Lamp Post stands on was constructed over a unique pocket of electromagnetic energy, which connects to other such pockets the world over (knowing that these are "special" places - and that Ayers Rock in Australia is probably another one - it might make sense that people have built churches on the spots, or associated them as holy places of healing, or why the island is regarded as so sacred and includes a temple). The DI folks were only interested in one such energy pocket - the one found on the island, which for some reason moves. A "very clever fellow" (Faraday? Who?) postulated that to find this island you needed to look not for where it was supposed to be, but where it was going to be. The pendulum in the lamp post was designed for that task. The movements seem random, but the brilliant man devised a series of equations that can predict where the island will be at a certain point in TIME. These are "event windows" and they don't stay open for long. They have 36 hours before their closes.

Desmond's not happy. He delivers his message from Faraday, which his mum seems to not need, as "I AM helping, dear." She also informs Desmond the island isn't finished with him yet. Really? He show up much the rest of Season Five. Hopefully we'll see him in Season Six and learn how the island still requires him?

His parting advice to Jack: "Whatever she tells you to do, ignore it." Very similar to the advice about Ben Sayid gave to Hurley.

His parting shot to Hawking: "You say the island's not done with me? Well I'm done with the island." The look on her face screams, "You poor man, you still don't get it. You still think it's up to you."

Hawking closes by telling them to get on Ajira 316 from LA to Guam. It must be that flight, that day, and as many of them as possible must be on it. The circumstances must be recreated as closely as possible. She has some special words for Jack. Ben and Sun "heard what they needed to hear" (the hearing motif again). She hands Jack the suicide note Locke wrote (Jack didn't know it was a suicide; we know it wasn't as well), and informs him Locke is going to be a proxy for the dead body that was aboard 815. It'd even be swell if Jack would put something of his father's on the man.

When Jack comes out, Ben's in the church, assuming a posture of prayer but with his eyes open. He goes to a piece of art and explains the Doubting Thomas story to Jack. Of course, this whole time he's fixing to follow Desmond to his boat and kill Widmore's daughter ("I made a promise to an old friend of mine - just a loose end that needs tying up), but hey, all in a day's work.

Jack gets a call that his grandfather, Ray, has tried to leave his assisted living facility (where there's a magic show featuring a white rabbbit going on when Jack arrives). The call also comes in just when Jack was wondering how he would find something of his father's to put in a coffin with Locke. Helping Ray unpack, he discovers a pair of his father's shoes... how's that for pulling a rabbit out of the hat.

Weirdness Scene Alert - Jack comes home late to find Kate in his bed. She's crying, and acting strange, and... tells him she's going to the island with him, but he can not ask questions, especially about Aaron, ever again. Then she totally jumps him. But the next morning, it's clear she doesn't love him. (I've always wondered - on 815 there was a pregnant woman. Is there on 316 as well? Is this why Kate jumped Jack so ferociously? Has she conceived?).

Jack tells Kate the story of the cheap white tennis shoes (remember how one could be seen in a tree on the day of the 815 crash as Jack made his way to the beach?) he buried his father in. (Note: some folks think this is the "clue we missed" in the first few minutes of the Pilot episode which the Producers have spoken of at times)