Who is Jacob?

  • Jacob's body disappeared, having burned up in the flame (or did it "pass through the fire"?).
  • Jacob did not fight back (this bugs Ben. But it suggests a willful death, a surrender or sacrifice)
  • Jacob was betrayed by a former follower
  • Ben seriously doubts that Jacob was "ever confused." Is this because Jacob is brilliant and godly? Or is it because he is the "author of confusion," he who confuses others, i.e. Satan?
  • When he said "They're coming," he was probably referring more to the people he "touched" off-island (Hurley, Kate, Sayid, Jack, Sawyer, Sun and Jin). They were somehow marked by destiny to be there for his purposes (such as Hurley with the guitar case).
  • Is Sayid now Jacob? Is this why Jacob told Hurley to take Sayid to the Temple? Is Jacob in Sayid's body? Is he using it? I want to argue no, because we already know Smokey is not possessing Locke's body, just taking the same form. But then is Jacob truly gone? Or will he rise again?

There are definite Christological parallels with Jacob. Among them: probably having a bigger, better plan for victory than the one who schemed just to conquer you, being betrayed, not fighting back, having power to heal, having devoted followers, only being revealed at the proper time, and more.

Who is Richard?

  • Only now, once Fake-Locke comes out of the foot, does Richard look into his eyes and recognize him for who he really is. "You!" Richard seems genuinely surprised, as if it's been a while or as if he never expected this entity to be here. Why not? We know Smokey's been all over the island. It's confirmed for Richard when the Temple sets off the warning flare that "Him" is on the move.
  • Richard has previously explained that he is the way he is (ageless) "because of Jacob." So it only follows that he became a follower of Jacob.
  • Smokey tells Richard it's "good to see you out of your chains." For the first time ever, Richard appears worried. Even guns to his head have never caused him to break a sweat before.
  • It's long been suspected that Richard perhaps arrived on the Black Rock. It also always struck me as odd that on the Black Rock, there was still a body left in chains inside. I mean, who would have left someone like that? Whether the person was free or slave, good or bad, dead or alive upon arriving to the island, why didn't the survivors either let him out, or bury him? One possible answer is because whoever was chained up there was not a slave, but a very dangerous and bad person. Is that what Richard was? Either way, I'm operating under the assumption that his is the body in chains inside The Black Rock.

Why is Ben STILL lying? When sent outside to summon Richard to Smokey, he says that Jacob is fine. Why lie? Can he just not stop? Is it his way of remaining in control?

Regarding the Ash Circles, in my final recap for Season Five, regarding the scene where Ilana and Bram visit the cabin, I wrote:

Frank is freaked about what's in the box (there's the box theme again, and you have to love how Desmond's old nickname for Locke of "box man" has come full-circle). Bram assures him that he has to show the contents to a group of people so they'll know that what they're up against "is a hell of a lot scarier than what's in this box." Amen. Bram points out that the line of ash is broken around the cabin. This is obviously significant. And Ilana approaches the cabin armed - not something she would do if Jacob were legitimately inside. They find on the wall a tapestry pinned there with a knife, showing the statue. Here's my interpretation of this scene: Bram and Ilana are Jacobites. They stopped here first to see if their enemy was still imprisoned in the cabin. The broken ash line let him out [who did it? Claire & Christian?], and once inside, this is confirmed. The enemy left the pic of the statue as a message, i.e. "you know where to find me." The time Locke visited the cabin and saw the man in the chair (who looks nothing like the Jacob we've now seen) and heard him say "Help me," it was probably the Enemy, who had been imprisoned here, somehow locked up and kept there with the ash circle. [When Hurley visited the cabin and saw Christian in the chair, and a scary eye in the window, this strikes me as The Enemy as well, giving instructions to Christian, perhaps to get Claire to break the ash circle]. The other possibility is that this really is where Jacob used to reside, but "he hasn't been here in a long time," and "someone else has been using it" (that someone else being the Nemesis / Christian / Smokey. In this case, it's still pretty clear, though, that possibly the person saying "Help me," and clearly the Christian/Claire duo - were NOT Jacob. Locke was getting his instructions from the guy whose whole plan is to be using his likeness right now.