That's when we play the game with the poison pill (Dogen even spins a baseball during this just to emphasize how the game is afoot). When Jack shows up, Lennon says, "Hey Shephard, we were hoping you'd come on your own." And there's that free will, has-to-be-your-idea thing again. Is this what they wanted to talk with Jack about at the end of the last episode before Sayid woke up? Probably, but how does that jive with Sayid not having awoken yet? And if that topic was to be something else, what was it?


Lennon also tries to play the ol' "come with us first, and then we'll tell you everything you want to know" game with Jack. Jack, having a second doctorate in Linusology by now, immediately sees through this old hackneyed ploy.


Unfortunately for Dogen and Lennon, they didn't realize that Jack is a champion poker player, and knows how to call a bluff. Lennon even seems admirably surprised when he asks if Jack really swallowed it. Dogen had even tried to play upon Jack's already-established feelings of guilt over Sayid being shot to get him to administer this medicine.


For Sayid, all he has left in life is his trust for Jack. Nothing else makes sense (we know the feeling). Even though Jack admits he didn't heal Sayid - the Others did - Sayid still can only cling to his trust for Jack. It's both sad and admirable. And it's this trust that leads Jack to march back in to Dogen and swallow that thing himself to really find out what's going on. He wins the battle of wits, which are all one really has when they trust neither themselves nor anyone else. So what knowledge does Jack learn as his prize? Over the course of the episode, he finds out that: 

  • Dogen was "brought here, just like everybody else." Jack is supposed to know exactly what this means. We have to assume that Jacob called them.

  • He intentionally keeps a language barrier between himself and his people because it "makes it easier on them when I make decisions they don't like." He seems to know Jack can relate. The line also invokes a theology of some persons who believe this is one benefit of God's separation through holiness from his sheep-like creatures who baa and moo about every little happening.

  • Sayid's "infection will spread" if this pill is not willingly taken by him. Spread? To everyone else?

  • His sister Claire's alive, but infected.

  • Sayid has been "claimed." Jack's next question is interesting. It's not "by whom," but rather, "by what?" He is informed there is a darkness growing in Sayid (recall that Smokey informed Ben he's not a "what," but a "who")



The first words of this episode are "He's Alive." Lennon speaks them to Dogen after we are shown how he has marched purposefully and barefootedly through the tunnels of the Temple to deliver this news. The words perk up the ears of anyone who's ever been in church on Easter Sunday. Usually they are followed by an exclamation point, and much rejoicing, especially when they follow the knowledge that someone had been dead (Jack will soon confirm to Sayid that, "You died"). Wow! What once was dead has been brought back to life! And yet…