The Sickness.


If you have read my recent marathon of recaps from Seasons One-Five, you know how tiresome the mentions of sickness and infection grew at times when they never seemed to go anywhere. I actually hoped it was all a red herring, used by both the Others to control behavior (like keeping people in the hatch), and by the producers to throw us off the scent of what was really going on. So why am I disappointed to find out it was quite probably real all along? Most likely because of all the new questions this creates for me:

  • Does the sickness really kill you, or does it cause you to want to kill everyone else?

  • It doesn't present as a normal sickness or infection. Dogen even laughs a bit when Jack mentions Sayid has no fever.

  • Is it a form of madness?

  • Where does it come from? From having died and then having been claimed by some mysterious force?

  • Is this what Claire has, as Dogen says to Jack? Well, how did she get it? Was she really killed - as I and others suspected - when her house was bazooka'd? Did she catch it hanging around Dead Christian? When we see Claire, only thing that appears to be wrong with her is she's the new Crazy Chick, the new Rousseau, which then makes us ask…

  • Was DANIELLE the sick/infected one, and everyone else on her team was sane? And she murdered them out of her sickness rather than to keep their sickness away from her? Which would make us ask…

  • Was Robert intending to kill Danielle because SHE was the sick one? What really happened when he and the other French guys went into the tunnels? I already suspected this question might come up when we saw Montand's skeleton last week. All didn't appear as it should have (see below for more on this).

For now, I'm running with this scenario:


Claire died when Keamy's team blew up her house, and Sawyer found her under a collapsed wall. Afterwards, she didn't feel quite like herself, and Miles the Ghostbuster kept staring at her funny-like. She got claimed by the dark side, which is why she goes off with Dead Christian (who does the bidding of Smokey?), and why Locke sees her in the cabin. After this, after she served her purpose (which was what, exactly? To abandon Aaron so he might be "raised by another" in the real world, perhaps because he's been "claimed" too, perhaps so this nasty dark force can extend out into the real world?), was she summarily dumped back into the wild to fend for herself, ala Rousseau?


Beyond that, I'm clueless to know what's really going on here, though I will say that Bitter Sawyer's quote to Kate about how OF COURSE an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids deserves a second go-round (while a cute blonde fertility doctor does not) not only showed where Sawyer's head is right now, but also suggested and implied that, well, don't assume this is a good thing for Sayid or anyone else, James. Sometimes it's better to have died and stayed dead…




Kate does what she always has done - run, go back. Run, go back. She dumps Claire and takes her stuff, then comes back after she gets the cuffs off. She came back the time Jack specifically never told her to do so. She went back to the island to find Claire. She went back to save Ray the Rancher when she could have gotten away in Australia. She went after Sawyer when he left the Temple. In doing, she left the Temple, but now has nowhere to go but to head back there. She's not really my favorite character, even though she has her good points, emphasized here when she helps Claire, and I guess when she is moved to tears by Sawyer's heartbreak? Or is that more of a self-pity cry there on the docks, realizing that she has blown it with both of the guys she strung along? I couldn't tell, and honestly, I didn't much care.