• Unsure who broke the ash circle allowing MIB/Smokey to use the cabin

  • Unsure of why the cabin seemingly can move around

  • Finally, the first three hours of this season having me feeling very strongly that we missed some crucial information the first time around when we saw - through Jin's eyes - the flash to what happened in 1988 when Danielle's team encountered the Smoke Monster, who ripped off Montand's arm, and disappeared beneath the temple wall. I think we'll eventually be learning more about this, if not through flashback, then through suggestion or a story told by a character who should/could have been around that part of the island at the time (Dogen?). As mentioned above but expanded upon here, I have some ideas that this is a story where we really need to fill in the gaps:



    We know Smokey killed Nadine. For some reason, he didn't find her suitable for keeping/claiming/eating whatever and spat her back up.

    We know Smokey next set his sights on Montand, dragged him down in the same manner and with the same sounds he was going to do to Locke in 1994. Locke really believed he would have been safe. Well, now we see Montand's body STILL sitting there. So it doesn't seem like he would have been safe at all.

    We know Montand's crew - except Danielle (and Jin) - went down the hole after him.

    We know Montand cried out from below that he was hurt and needed help. But was he already dead?

    We know the crew came out, but DID NOT BRING MONTAND'S BODY WITH THEM.

    Who did they encounter down there? Smokey? Like Ben did the time he fell below when he went to be judged? Or Others, like the ones who captured Jack, Kate, and friends when they brought Sayid as Jacob instructed?

    We know that Robert knew about the Temple - he told Danielle that "the monster" is merely "a security system for the Temple." That would APPEAR to be a lie, from what we know of Smokey now. But if it's a lie, then why DOES Smokey get to hang around in such close proximity to the Temple? Especially if he causes everyone in the Temple to freak out, man their posts, and start pouring ash? Was he kept from harming them while Jacob was alive, and now that Jacob's dead, all bets are off? But how did Robert know about The Temple if he's never seen it? All we knew was he went down into the caverns.

    Who infected Rousseau's team? She once was convinced that The Others were "the carriers," even though she obviously knew of the Monster, and could just as easily assumed it was the cause of the sickness.

    Was Danielle the one who got sick, by not having gone below? Is that why Robert was going to kill her? Is it the sickness that drove her crazy, or was it that she had to kill her husband and friends?

    Now that Claire is a parallel to Danielle, and we have been told Claire is sick, does that make it more probable that Danielle was, too? Or is Claire just mad in the same way Danielle was, from having given up her child and being forced to survive here?


    There's so much more we need to know to solve many things on this show, and I believe a lot of it starts with needing to learn what really happened that day in 1988…




    Dogen uses an old manual typewriter. What in the world is he typing? His research paper on reverse-baptism? Why not just write with his hand if he's composing a note or letter? Which brings into question who he might be writing to. Does he want to remain anonymous and therefore prefers not to have his handwriting on this communiqué? Where did the Others get a typewriter? From the Dharma folks, probably? And they haven't run out of ink ribbons in the last 30 years? Because those can be really hard to find stateside, much less on Mystery Frickin' Island, as Shannon once so perfectly called it.