Why is Aldo being such a punk over simple questions? It is so the audience won't mind what happens to him? (We've seen this ploy before with Juliet's ex-husband and with Radzinsky; the whole, "Well, see, they were total Jerky Jerkersons, so getting decleated by a bus or going crazy down in the Swan hatch and blowing one's head off are good things" thing). But we're in Season Six. What is the PROBLEM if Justin wants to tell Jin that, yes, the Ajira flight DID land on Hydra Island? Or wants to mention that Rousseau has been dead for several years? Come on, man! At least Aldo did take a moment to confirm that the 815ers are being protected from "a big pillar of black smoke, makes a ticka-ticka sound, looks pissed off."


Sawyer thinks "some of us are meant to be alone." He doesn't blame Jack (it appears), or Kate, for Juliet's death. He blames himself, for asking her to stay way back in 1974 on that same dock where he tells Kate. He's back to an "every man for himself" mantra now. He thinks none of these people are his friends, and the last thing he wants to do is stay with them. When he uncovers the ring he was going to give to Juliet in 1977, it's here in 2007-08, showing that it moved through time - buried under the floorboards of that house for 30 years - just like the rest of our characters. Dogen tried to plead with Sawyer to stay rather than leave the Temple area; there is truly something at stake that involves all of these Losties having to be in one place. And unfortunately, we know that MIB/Locke finds James out on his own in the next episode…


Kate uses yet another name of a saint as her alias, this time Joan.


What was Kate doing in the "Authorized Personnel Only" room when the cops came to visit Claire? She was in there before they showed up. Did she know they'd be coming for her? I guess that's a safe assumption. But how did she know when, and how did no "authorized personnel" come across here while she was in there?


I loved Miles' line about how he and Hurley will "be in the food court if you need us." Seriously. This Temple is very mall-ish. They have a library, an apothecary, a greenhouse, even a swimming pool. Why not a Sbarro's, too? Miles also shined when he explained to Sayid, "As you can see, Hugo here has assumed the leadership position, so… that's pretty great." And it looks like Miles has stepped up nicely to fill Hurley's vacated comic relief position.


Also loved how Arzt's big booty almost impeded Kate's escape from the airport, and how he pulled out his best Midnight Cowboy reference with "I'm walkin' here!"

  • Black-and-white: speed limit sign; stuffed Orca, same as the one Aaron once brought downstairs during an argument between Kate and Jack; Sawyer pulls a black box with a white lid out from under the floorboards; Aaron's ultrasound photo Claire holds; on the monitor when Aaron was shown there was a bigger-than-expected glare of bright white light over him. Accident? Symbolic?

  • The Numbers: 15 mph sign as Kate's cab leaves the airport; the taxi's license plate begins and ends in 4.

  • Deaths: Aldo; Justin? Both are shot by Crazy Claire, but it looked like Justin may have suffered just a fleshwound. Sawyer also shot an Other offscreen when he escaped, but we don't know if it was lethal.

Sigh, well… At least the preview for next week include a line from Dead Locke to Sawyer, saying, "I promise - I'll tell you everything."