Richard & Sawyer

Richard can't believe Sawyer would be hanging with Flocke if he knows it's not really Locke. Richard will help Sawyer escape to the Temple, but Sawyer says he's "been there, done that." As in, religion? Goodness? Church? The God Side?

For him, in his grief, all he wants now is answers. He knows this guy has promised them, and has not killed him yet. Sawyer's trust is growing. And the creepy vibe of Anakin Skywalker Syndrome burns through my stomach. It doesn't matter that Richard says this guy wants everyone dead, and he won't stop until that happens.

It's amusing to me how MIB tells Sawyer that yeah, he definitely met Jacob once, probably when he was at a low point, and vulnerable. Dude? You just came to James at the same sorta time, doing your own recruiting in the same manipulative way, probably even worse because your only purpose for him involves selfish motives...


Ilana cries over Bram's death. Were they perhaps married? Engaged?

She says the words, "Try me," to Ben when he isn't sure she'll believe his story about what happened. This line has been used so many times now I've lost count. After a while one wonders: is every charcter being tried? Tested? Put through trials? Judged?

Ben still lies about who killed Jacob. It's either self preservation, or he actually has shifted the blame to MIB for having tricked/used him. Explains that Jacob's body "burned away" in the fire. Ilana collects the ash - yet another instance of ash. Is Jacob some kind of phoenix?

Sun seems to know Ilana is sad. Ilana knows Sun wants to find Jin. This has not been broached before. But she knows who Sun is.

Smart question from Ben about why Flocke mightn't change his face. Ilana says he can't - not anymore. He's stuck this way now. No more Christian Shephard, or other characters, then? What would make him stuck this way? The loophole he used?

Question going back to Season Five: if Smokey/MIB was Christian, how was Christian appearing to Sun & Lapidus at the barracks before Flocke & Ben ever arrived over at the main island? Can he be in multiple places at once? Or does this mean that Christian has truly been used of Jacob?

Good to see Ye Olde Lostie Graveyard! With a fresh spot for John Locke, who died in LA and traveled all the way back just to be buried here.

Ilana knows about recruiting, and the battle, and specific details about shape-shifting. She's seriously schooled in some Jacobean lore of which we know not.

GREAT eulogy by Ben. Did you think he was going to dis John when he paused? "John Locke was a... believer, a man of faith, a much better man that I will ever be."

Frank wasn't given much to do here, but he can still deliver the amazing one-liner: "Sigh... weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to." Can't shake the feeling he's not extraneous, though. He's got something to do here that has yet to be revealed. Don't forget that Ilana once pegged him as a possible "candidate" - the word which we are just now coming to understand the meaning of...

Climbing Jacob's Ladder (this was no Stairway to Heaven, though, this one goes DOWN)

Fantastic cinematic shot of the image of the scales - balanced by black and white - with Flocke and Sawyer standing in the cave entry, one on each side of the scales. When Flocke throws the white stone into the ocean, the scales tip... imbalance alert! You've got to have both! We've got to be able to make a choice! All of one side leaves a meaningless existence, something MIB has failed to realize he himself has!

In the cave we learn that Jacob "had a thing for numbers." I tried to make out several of the crossed-out names, but after several failed attempts, decided those names were not the point our producers want us to get. We are treated to flashbacks involving the Touch of Jacob with: 23-Shephard. 8-Reyes. 16-Jarrah. 42-Kwon (both of them?). 4-Locke. "Last but not least" - 15-Ford. Last but not least? What about Kate Austen? Granted, there isn't a number for her (except maybe 108), but she also doesn't get a flashback, even though she was one of the first Jacob visited on the mainland. Is this because she is also the only one Jacob charged to "be good," back when he first met her? Did she fail to live up to that command, thereby losing her candidacy but not the fact she was touched and thereby brought here to the island? Does it mean Kate will die? I actually have a theory that I hope is true - Kate is not listed specifically just as Sun is not listed specifically. Perhaps Sun is listed in conjunction with her husband. Might it have been Kate's destiny to end up either a "Ford" or a "Shephard"? Might she be listed there the same as Sun may be, under her "husband's" name? The island (or whomever) sure gave her ample opportunity to build a life with either Sawyer or Jack. For the record, I think I'm probably way off, but I'm hoping I'm not.