I noticed that with so many names, this candidacy business must have been going on for centuries, involvign the Black Rock, the Besixdouze, and other vessels that Jacob brought here. He filled up so much space that he had to start writing on the ceiling. Did you catch that Jack's is the only name from our group written on the wall rather than the ceiling? If you've followed my Season 1-5 recaps you know that I've long speculated that the 815 crash was not Jack's first time on the island. I built this belief because I believe the very first image we ever saw of him waking up in the jungle away from the 815 crash site looks like he was "flashed" to that spot, exactly in the manner which he "flashed" to that spot during the Ajira crash. From the Ajira crash it seems like "flashing in" rather than crashing is only granted to those who have been to the island before (though Sun was, for reasons we still don't know, left out). Jack's name being on the wall rather than the ceiling suggests to me his name was written at an earlier date than everyone else's.

Flocke tells Sawyer that Jacob comes to people when they are miserable and vulnerable. This can, of course, be a good thing, ala Jesus "meeting you where you are." But he cites it as a bad thing - pulling your strings like you are a puppet. As a result, your choices weren't choices at all. You were being pushed, and what's worse, you were being pushed towards a destiny built on a lie. There's nothing to protect. And we come to the final reason I just don't trust Smokey. This show is not gong to end with the idea that there was nothing special about the island, the game, the "God help us all" quotes about what was at stake all along. There's most definitely something to protect, even if in the end it only ends up being each other.


The 3 Choices of Sawyer: Agnostic, True Believer, Nihilist

1) Do nothing, make no commitment, just see how it all plays out, which way the winds blow. I like this method for patience and non-judgmentalism, but you probably end up as nothing more than a name scratched off a list.
2) Accept the job - become the new Jacob - protect the island. Take up the mantle, follow with faith, but risk being the butt of the joke that there was never anything to protect it from. Thing is, even if that's the case, there can still be worth in having lived righteously.
3) We just go. Say the hell with all of it. We do this together. We essentially pretend none of what we see exists, because we want to deny all of it it makes us so mad and miserable, but don't realize that our destination is unknown (we don't care, so long as it's not here) and there could be consequences. This path frees you from guilt and misery, and would appear to put you in control. The downside is being unsure of the illuison, and the potentially devastating consequences not just for you but for others.

If these are the true choices, which, at your deepest, most honest level, are you comfortable choosing?

The metaphor being used is that The Island is as The Earth - is it special? Or just a a blue island in the ocean of space? Are there forces vying for spiritual control of it, or nothing at all out there? In the end, you can only believe and choose, and you must believe and choose. From there, your path is laid before you, as it would appear it now is for Sawyer. What ultimately will save him? I believe the same thing that saves us all, and would seem to suggest there IS meaning - love. His capacity to love, and that he is loved by others.


  • Smokey reflected in window outside Sawyer's barracks house.
  • Sawyer walking with Locke to a big reveal talking about Of Mice & Men mirrors the same when Ben revealed he was on Hydra Island and had nowhere to run.
  • Locke looking in a mirror when he decides to call Jack's number.

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