Black-and-white: Nearly all of the decor in Jack's house, including his clock; piano keys.


Speaking of piano, David's notes are of Chopin's "Fantaisie-Impromptu." Check out these lines from Wikipedia about the piece:

"It ends off in an ambiguous fantasy-like ending, in a quiet and mysterious way, where the left hand replays the first few notes of the moderato section theme, while the right hand continues playing sixteenth notes (semiquavers). The piece resolves and gently ends on a C-sharp major rolled chord." Is this how we can expect LOST to conclude as well?

Great shot of the piano as David plays and Jack takes it all in - the black and the white in unified harmony are played upon by the will of the individual - not vice versa - and from there we travel inward to the heart, where the music happens and the process is much deeper and intricate and beyond just the mechanics of the player. 


The episode opens on photographs of Jack with his parents together, and with his father just the two of them. Fathers have always been an important theme in LOST, and it turns out that sons are becoming one, too. Jack's son's name is David, another biblical/patriarchal name, one that represents a literal shepherd from the pages of Scripture. We've now encountered references to the story of Abraham (twice), an Isaac (the Australian faith healer), a Jacob, a Benjamin, and a David... on down to more New Testament names like Christian, John, and James.

David is gifted at piano, and afraid to fail in his father's eyes. Did anyone have a sentimental Faraday moment when seeing another prodigy born to parents of a more scientific bent play virtuoso piano? Jack's mother opens his eyes a bit to how sons have fear of the father, a little bit of which can be a healthy thing, but too much and the child become unsure of himself, doesn't realize he "has what it takes." Jack never wants his son to feel the way he did. In his eyes, his son CAN NOT fail. Unconditional love is spoken and meant. "I just wanna be a part of your life." God to us?

New-815 Jack makes a pretty good dad... with some openness to learning, communicating, and making an effort. Meanwhile, Island Jack has come to terms with the fact that he'd "be a terrible dad," and tells Hurley so.

Why did Jack Shephard hack up his father's coffin? Because Christian wasn't in it. One last disappearing act was more than he could take. There's no closure for Jack on any front. Not directly anyway. Sad for a guy who "needs it to be over."


Los Angeles 2004 Sideverse

"Welcome All Candidates!" -- the sign at the audition for the conservatory

Jack's dad's coffin might have been checked through Berlin. It would appear to be two days post-flight, as David's audition was on Friday the 24th (September 24 was indeed a Friday in 2004).

Jack has a son! I'm placing David at around 15 years old (can't drive yet, but definitely well into his teen years), meaning he would have been born around 1987-ish?

Is David from a failed marriage, or an out-of-wedlock tryst from a very young Jack? I'd place Jack at about 23 and in medical school around the time David was born? Unclear who the mom is. Might it be Sarah, even though Jack obviously would have had to meet her much earlier and under much different circumstances than our original timeline? I believe so (it's either her or someone mind-blowing; why else make a point of not revealing her identity unless it truly makes no difference). I think Jack and Sarah had a destinty to marry and divorce, and that played itself out in both timelines. Doesn't make me feel any better regarding what I speculated about Locke and Helen's chances for marital bliss last week, though... I do believe Jack was once married to David's mom due to knowing where the key is at her house, and from what we learn from David about how Jack used to just sit around listening to him play piano. Makes it seem like there was a time they were a happy family under one roof.