David wears a Dodger hat in photos taken with his Dad but later Jack assumes/knows he is a Red Sox fan, like his father and his father before him. I read this as an instance of  a son looking for his dad's approval. He probably would pull for the local team (Dodgers) on his own, but adopted his dad's team either to bond or be approved of.

I'll have to go back yet again and confirm, but did David's mom live in a house with the address of 23 (Jack's special number)? I could see the 2 and the 3 but couldn't tell if there was more to it than that... If so, is this a sign that perhaps it is his destiny to live in that house again someday?

When Jack listens to David's voice mails, a poster above him, in black and white, shows the letters MAN. Jack listens to his own voice talk about needing to hear hear his son's voice. Can't help thinking of biblical phrasing about Man and Son of Man.

Jack meets Dogen, who also has a musically-talented son, who recognizes how good David is. This is the third straight episode an Other has shown up in LA, each with what can be assumed are progressively further-back ties to the island - first Ethan, then Ben, then Dogen. How and when did they leave the island? Were they ever summoned there at all in this wacky sideverse?

Odd... Jack "doesn't know" how long his son has been playing piano. Is part of Jack's consciousness still stuck in his island-self? Like what was going with the appendectomy question? (Note: this bit of info did answer why it was that Jack got sick with appendicitis on the island - he HAD to because of course correction). Similarly, his sister Claire seems to be fuzzy on some of the details of her own situation back on the island as well...

"Why would he make it easy on us now?" -- Jack to his mom, about his dad's hidden will. Also a question we can ask theologically, or about our most-excellent-but-evil producers.

Claire Littleton is named in Jack's father's will - a will he didn't even leave with his lawyers. Does the name ring a bell for Jack at all?

Timeline similarities and differences

  • Same - They went ahead with Christians funeral/memorial despite no body - same as the first time; Christian still fathered Claire and apparently told no one about it, not even his lawyers; Jack's (quite possibly) divorced.
  • Different - Jack has a son; Jack's not a stress-drinker in this new timeline; Jack's appendectomy occurred when he was around 8 years old; even though it was evidently still a challenge being Christian Shephard's son, Jack does not seem burdened by the same daddy issues as when we first met him.

It's something Jack actually tells Hurley on-island, but he admits, "I spent my whole life carrying 'I don't have what it takes' around with me." New-815 Jack was indeed told the same thing, but at some point, he left it behind. Locke, last week, got rid of carrying 'Don't tell me what I can't do' around with him. What old albatross did Kate give up the week before? In any case, third straight week in this final season we could leave a central character in new-815 2004 and feel pretty okay about them from here on out. 

Jack & Hugo on the Island

"I hope you find what you're looking for."

When Kate says this line to Jack, it not only made my heart sink a bit, but also took me back to the good ol' song from U2 off the Joshua Tree album. Jack's still on a quest, Kate recognizes, but... she's not. At least, not one for meaning or purpose. She's got a much more tangible and focused job - find Claire. She wants to find Claire even more when she learns "something happened to her," and the Others don't know exactly where she is. Like Sawyer, Kate has no intentions of going back to the Temple. She also apparently better choose her words carefully when she crosses Claire's path...