Eventually, I believe Kate is going to join Sawyer and Locke. Perhaps Sayid as well.

What was Jacob doing to the water in the pool when Hurley sees him (he actually gives directions to a kitchen!)? Felt like he was witnessing after-effects of his own death, like being sad the pool was now discolored.

Jacob tells Hugo, "Someone is coming to the island. I need you to help them find it." Is this true, or did he just want Jack to find the lighthouse? If so, he would be a manipulator, or perhaps, as the pop-ups from the previous episode suggested, he is just a "nudger," who gives folks a push and then lets people choose to find their way, kinda like how Gandalf refers to his role in getting Bilbo out his door in the LotR/The Hobbit. If someone or some group is indeed coming to the island, who might it be?

Sayid knew Jack was hiding something from him, sees how the Others are looking at him. Jack comes clean about the poison and that they wanted Jack to kill him. Even tells him this happened to someone else. But we don't know if Jack tells Sayid it was Claire. I assume he did.

Hugo scopes out various heiroglyphs inside the temple, seeming to settle on one that looks a lot like an ourobouros - a symbol we've seen before on LOST.

Dogen stops him; Jacob conveniently tells Hurley what both Dogen and Jack will need to hear to make them believers. Does this make Hurley a prophet? Does it make Jacob a god... a holy ghost... or a poltergeist?

Can't get a good read on Jacob's facial expressions, tone, etc. here, but I stick with the fact that Hurley is trusting him as my muse. I do like his smile when asked if he has any ideas on how to get Jack to go with Hurley.

According to Hurley, Jacob is, "Kind of dead. Turns up whenever he wants, like Obi-Wan Kenobi." Another fitting Star Wars allusion, considering the Anakin vibe I got from Sawyer last week. For me, this is the best way to get a fix on what is going on with Jacob right now.

Yet another Jacob Quest begins (total deja vu to the days of Locke and Ben!) when Jack says, "Well then let's go see Jacob." Woo-hoo!

Shannon's inhaler! We got a revisit to the caves! Hurley voices what we've expected since Season One - the Adam & Eve skeletons are somehow 815 Survivors. Even they way they were laid gave me a total Bernard-and-Rose vibe...

Jack's reason for coming back: he was broken. And thought the place could "fix" (his favorite word) him. But we should know from Locke that broken people are not necessarily healed there unless they choose it. It's not involuntary. Even Jesus asked people if they WANTED to be healed.

Hurley;s reason for coming back: Because Jacob told him he was supposed to. Seriously? That's it? Here's our new man of faith. Has he been all along? Do we have all the motives now? Sun wanted to find Jin, Kate wanted to find Claire, Jack wanted to find himself/get fixed, Hurley wanted to obey something he sensed was special/supernatural. Sayid came against his will, and Ben... what was Ben's motive in getting back to the island? He sure hasn't been in control of much since he got there, and surely his skills could have helped him amass a Widmore-esque bit of success in the real world, so... was it just to prove that he could?

Old Jack comes back for a minute to smash some mirrors. He doesn't like this Santa Claus "sees you when you're sleeping" Jacob. He'd like some answers, not "just kinda showing up when he feels like," as Hurley says happens.

Remember the good ol' days of lines like, "Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list"? Well, he was all along. Not being recruited/kidnapped for standard-old-Other duty doesn't mean one isn't wanted... We would do well to bear this in mind now that we know Kate isn't on the current "list." Doesn't mean she isn't important in the least. She could involve yet another level of importance, representing, among several possibilities: wisdom, love, pursuit, the lynchpin, the determining factor, the peacebringer, the restorer, just as her namesake Saint Catherine (Kate has always used Saint names as her many aliases) worked to restore the Great Western Schism and bring the Pope back to Rome from France. Also intrigues me that she is the patron saint of "fire prevention"...