"If you'd explained everything, then maybe Jack wouldn't have freaked out and smashed your mirror..." Hurley, to Jacob. It's a funny line, but I'm most intrigued by the "why do you have to have secrets, why can't you just tell us everyting in plain English, God" aspect of the statement.

We are told Jack could not have seen Jacob. But why not? Didn't Sawyer see Kid Jacob last week? Unless that wasn't really him... Here, Jacob wears white, as usual. Kid Jacob did not, though... more fodder for the "that kid wasn't really Jacob" crowd (which I remain apart from).

Island Hurley still believes in "bad luck" such as from broken mirrors, but even as a dead dude Jacob is just not worried about anything. He is at one with course correction, telling Hugo that, "I'm sure they'll find some other way" to get to the island, regarding those who are supposedly coming. It feels like there really is a group coming, Jacob just isn't too concerned about them. But as to his primary purpose, after Hurley rants at him Jacob sits back and grins at Hurley in a manner reminiscient of Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams about his roundabout plan. I half expected him to say, "Are you asking what's in it for me? I think you better stay, Ray." They could have just had Jack build a baseball field rather than climb the lighthouse as  "the only way for Jack to understand how important he is."

"Jack is here because he has to do something. Can't be told what that is he's gotta find it himself." Notice how this is a complete foil of what happened with Flocke/Sawyer last week. It DID have to be James's choice, but he didn't find the path himself. Jack is being allowed to do so.

Ah, but Jacob had yet another purpose! Both Jack and Hugo had to be away from the Temple. Someone bad is coming. I notice Jacob doesn't care that Sayid is still there... why? Has he claimed Sayid? Or is Sayid beyond help?

Great Hurley Lines Worth Mentioning

  • "I just lied to a Samurai!" 
  • "Mission Unaccomplished!"

Claire & Jin on the Island

"If there's one thing that'll kill ya around here it's infection."

I was right previously - Justin was just wounded, not killed by Claire's gunshots. Doesn't do him much good in the end though...

Where did Claire get the explosives? That dynamite looks way newer than the Black Rock stuff. Why have it out and exposed like that? Doing some demolition?

She's also got a stash of children's books, and a cradle (same but different from the one Locke made her; surely her "new friend" got it for her)

Nothing like a fake baby fashioned out of a boar skull and some fur!

Claire, who has suffered memory lapses before (see her return from "Maternity Leave"), doesn't seem to know how long she's been out there, instead turning Jin's question into an accusation of everyone having left her, and certainly doesn't seem to recollect having abandoned Aaron to run off with "her dad," something we can be pretty certain happened because Miles appears to have witnessed it back in Season Four. 

Anyone having trouble buying Claire becoming this much of a baddy in just three years? Where'd she get things like bear traps, dynamite, skills (have yet to see if she has nunchuck skills or bowstaff skills)? It's one reason why even if Flocke hadn't shown up as "her friend" I would have assumed she'd been getting some training or influence from Smokey.

She wants to question Justin about where they have her baby. Seems convinced the Others have Aaron, and nothing else - especially not the truth - is going to help. Jin has to lie about lying! How is Claire sure the Others have her baby? "First my father told me, then my friend told me." Pretty sure this is the same entity. Christian was MIB (though I still think at other times he could have been Jacob)...

When Jin and Justin have the "I know her, no I know her"-off about Claire, which one is right? I get the feeling they are both wrong. Neither knows the whole story. I do think Justin knows she's going to kill him. Not so sure I agree that she's going to kill Jin, but that Justin just needs Jin's help to escape.