Is Claire working in the clearing that used to be the cabin's foundation? She sharpens her axe, boils some surgical tools...

Well, we know how Dogen knows about Claire. She did undergo the same "torture/diagnosis" as Sayid did, got the same brand (which she interpreted as such, much as I was tempted to do at first). Justin said they captured her because she was picking off their people (probably at Smokey's bidding). She remembers being stuck with needles (was this her original Ethan kidnapping?) and tortured. Jin seems to break through to Claire a bit with the truth about Kate and Aaron, but she can't understand why Kate "took" her son. Apparently she has NO memory of having abandoned him.

Justin gets the axe from Claire despite not having anything to do with it. Jin realizes he has to make her realize he and Justin were both lying, because Claire is giving Jin one HECK of a stink-eye before he realizes he has to tell her, "You are right. The Others have your baby. I saw Aaron at the temple." Claire admits that's good, because she would kill Kate if Kate was raising Aaron. Is this because she's insane, or is she actually remembering the stern warning not to let Aaron be raised by another, and having failed in this, would like to take some vengeance?

Jin: Who is your friend?
Claire: My friend. You're still my friend, aren't you, Jin?... That's not John. THIS is my friend. [Big smiley-smile Cheshire-cat grins all around... creepy.]

"Sometimes you can just hop in the back of someone's cab and tell them what to do. Other times, you have to let 'em look out at the ocean for a while." In some ways, this was the line of the episode. Faith-into-action comes easier for some people than others. We all might say that depending on the situation and circumstances, sometimes we're a little bit Hurley, sometimes we're a little bit Jack...

Things Learned from Pop-Up LOST
Each week we look at what the production team did and did not want us to clue into from the previous episode by what they purposefully type onto the screen in the re-run...

When Smokey is traveling across the island, the subtitles refer to him as, "the BLACK smoke monster." The extra adjective "black" caught my eyes there... you mean as opposed to the WHITE one? They could have economized words and typed in "the smoke monster," but they didn't. This fact gives some creedence to theorists who believe Jacob can appear in a Smokey form too, perhaps a more lighter-colored one. This would help explain apparitions that appeared when we know Smokey was otherwise occupied (like Christian appearing to Sun & Lapidus at the barracks when Flocke was still on Hydra Island with Ben), as well as giving support to those who believe the time Locke encountered the Monster and later described it as "looking into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful," that it was a manifestation of Jacob and not MIB.

Bram and Ilana's group are confirmed as, "Jacob's bodyguards." Which begs the question of why Jacob needed and recruited bodyguards, particularly such ineffective ones. But it does also state that another of their jobs is to protect the candidates.

Richard is confirmed as an "advisor" who serves as a go-between for Jacob and the Others (we pretty much knew this anyway).

"A candidate is someone nominated to replace Jacob as protector of the island." Why replace? Is Jacob not eternal? Did he know he would die? If Jacob were the island's "protector," why did he intentionally bring people to it?

"Cheating" is referenced when they choose to bring up the time Locke used that word about Ben moving into the barracks, something Flocke would again point out later to Ben. Cheating is of course an unspirited violation of the rules, on purpose, to get ahead. And reminds us again that there is a game afoot.

They took the time to confirm the Iggy & the Stooges song "Search and Destroy," which to me was a big clue when Flocke is walking in to the lyrics, ""the one who's searching's searching to destroy." Tells me what I need to know (at least until these clowns pull a twist ending on me, which I still sense coming).

the most important question in the world: "why are you on this [island]. don't mistake how for why.

They make specific mentions of how Sun left Ji Yeon back home, something I think we've been destined to see play out eventually. I've long envisioned a scenario where a grown Aaron and Ji Yeon (connected in an odd way ever since the phone conversation Sun had with her daughter from the Marina about how she had found a "new friend" named Aaron for her) find the island... One conceived off-island but born on it, the other conceived on-island but born off it... just seems to fit. Very yin and yang...

What they notably didn't speak to: Kate's name being left off the candidate lists on the cave walls. That's being left for a much bigger reveal, certainly.