• What was in the Hatch?!
  • Where did the Others live?!
  • Who sent the freighter folk?!

Are the answers really all that mind-blowing in retrospect? Have they rocked your world? Haven't you simply accepted them as part of the lore now, where once you couldn't even conceive of what they could be? This is part of the point I think LOST is making. For our characters and for our audience, "all the answers" should never be the point. Either you aren't ready for them, or they themselves aren't "the answer" anyway. And we should beware the Devil who promises them...


Seemed like a weird time to bring back this well-worn refrain. This simple song is one Kate used to sing to Aaron, Christian used to sing to Claire, and Claire requested that prospective adoptive parents would sing to her child. In one of my previous season recaps I pondered the meaning of the lyrics and the show's use of the song. There just wasn't much to it.

Until now.

Consider the words on their own:

  • Catch - as in "catch a cold," or more appropriately, an infection?
  • Star - as in Lucifer the Morning Star?
  • Falling - as in, fallen star or fallen angel?

I'm not sure I even need to spend more time on this. And if I did still wonder, the creepy looks on the faces of Sayid and Claire would be enough. I'm just freshly concerned about this song and it's connection to Aaron, who Flocke has promised Claire she will see again...

Speaking of Claire, here's what I wrote about her back in this Season Four recap:

So here's the question about Claire - did she survive the bazooka blast AND being covered by rubble? Obviously, right? She's up and walking around and corporeal and everyone can see and talk to her. Then again...

  • Aaron - with Hurley - was calm before Claire's house was attacked; he's crying like crazy after
  • She thought she was with Charlie when Sawyer found her
  • When she shows back up she says she's, "a bit wobbly, but I'll live." To which Miles answers, "I wouldn't be too sure about that."
  • Miles starts staring at her funny, like Mr. Ghostbuster can't figure out what's going on with her
  • Claire says her head feels funny, "but at least I'm not seeing things anymore."
  • She doesn't much have a maternal instinct for Aaron anymore
  • She goes off with her Ghost Dad and the next time we'll see her is looking weird in the Cabin. And after that, we won't see her again until Season Six.

So, chalk up an "answered question," I say. Claire's situation parallels Sayid's strongly. They both died. They both were claimed. They both were visited by someone they knew who was dead. They both have made bargains, deals with the devil if you will. They both quite possibly would have been better off dead.

Claire even knows Flocke is going to hurt people. He says he'll only hurt "the ones who won't listen." How merciful of him. After all, he gives people a choice, right? But it's a Voldemortian choice, one where he will let you live, but only because SOMEONE has to stick around to serve and follow him.

  • The choice presented by Flocke / the archetypal evil can be boiled down to: Follow me, or die. Oh, and I'll give you the "one thing" you ever wanted.
  • The choice presented by Jacob / the archetypal good can be boild down to: You're already dead (conditonally-speaking), so follow me instead. Oh, and don't obsess over "one thing" you can't or don't have; that's how all this mess got started in the first place. But you will experience all aspects of life in abundance, I promise you that.

Which are you going with? Or are you a Kate, only following one as long as you need to in order to keep breathing, but really thinking both are messed up?