We Christian viewers surely also recognized some devilish dialogue in the Sideverse conversation in Keamy's kitchen about Omer's debt. Has it been paid, or hasn't it? Doesn't matter, I suppose. Omer made a deal with the wrong devil (this resonating with anyone the more we move along?). Keamy says Omer's story about being paid up is "a lie," and hey Sayid, SOMEONE is going to have to pay. What's that you say, Keamy? You require a SUBSTITUTE? As we already covered in the recap of the episode by that name, substitution involves the notion that someone has paid for us what is an "impossible debt," similar to the one Omer has gotten himself into. But when Sayid plays the heroic substitute and grabs the upper hand, a desperate Keamy loses his menace. "The debt's FORGIVEN," says Keamy. Let's just forget about all this. Well, no thanks says Sayid. Not gonna risk you coming back at us. Bye, Keamy. And with that, at least in this timeline, Sayid gets to be the Savior, triumphing over the e-vil one to save his brother and those he loves.

One last cool bit on the Lucifer thing -- check out this quote from Wikipedia about the Islamic (significant in a Sayid-centric episode) version of the Satan story:

"When Allah commanded all of the angels to bow down before Adam (the first Human), Iblis, full of hubris and jealousy, refused to obey God's command (he could do so because, as a jinn, he had free will), seeing Adam as being inferior in creation due to his being created from clay as compared to him (created of fire)."

Lots of significant stuff in there, particularly more about free will and another key name-meaning association with Jin (jinn, the same word from which we get "genie"). And speaking of Jin...


Did you catch Claire's line to Flocke at the Circle o' Ash? "Why does it have to be me? You could send Sawyer or Jin." I'm reading between the lines (and the episodes) here. We know Sawyer has already signed up for Flocke's team. We can assume he wasn't left to rot in the caves, and Claire obviously knows he's with them, so we can safely assume that Sawyer was with Flocke when Flocke showed up at Claire's camp at the end of the previous episode. We also know Jin was there, being treated for a serious leg wound. I'm going with the idea that Flocke, Sawyer and Claire had a "come to not-Jesus" discussion with poor Mr. Kwon, and he is now one of them. Shoot, perhaps Flocke even healed Jin's leg, to where Claire could even suggest that Jin could be the one for the task of WALKING into the Temple. I don't like it, but I do think it: Jin's joined the dark side with Claire, Sayid, and Sawyer.

Another possible clue is this bit of dialogue:

Sun: Jin was here? He's alive?
Miles: Last I saw him, yeah.
Ew. That didn't sit well in a nasty foreshadowing type of way. No, Jin isn't dead. Not suggesting that at all. Not physically dead anyway.

Consider also who Ilana asks about when she enters the Temple and finds Miles (they've never previously met; it was Bram who told Miles not to work for Widmore, but we can assume Ilana knows who he is). Ilana wants to know where "Shepherd, Reyes, and Ford" are. They're all gone. She also asks about Jarrah. She does not ask about Austen (probably knows she's not on the candidate list). Neither does she ask about Kwon. Why not? Is it because she is pretty sure she already has the "right" Kwon - that being Sun - in her traveling party?

But we're still not done with Jin. He has to go and show up in a big crazy reveal in the Sayid-verse back in LA. How did he get from being questioned by LAX Customs agents to Keamy's veggie pantry? I did notice Keamy was wearing a rather nice gold watch... was he perhaps the intended recipient? Did Widmore perhaps have anything to do with it? I'm not sure, all I do know is this -- it was the first time this season that a character's side-verse flashes didn't leave me with a satisfied sense of resolution. With Kate, Locke, and Jack, I felt like we could have left them all where their stories ended and been okay. This one obviously left us with a cliffhanger. And we'll probably pick back up with ol' Sayid when we get around to telling what should be a great story about Jin.