Nadia made reference of having sent letters to Sayid. He was interrupted before getting a chance to respond about why he didn't write back. Is this storyline left open, or did he close it when he had his sit-down talk about not deserving her?

Why'd we get that close-up shot of the box Dogen's knife was in? The camera is sure to show us the lid, which to me didn not seem to have a meaningful or symbolic pattern; it was merely intricate. Dogen also took great care in handling it, and even used a brush to wipe off any dust from the lid before he even opened it. What's so special about that box?

Where was Richard? Wasn't he headed back to the Temple last we saw him? If he was there, he was in hiding. My guess is we're going to see that he observed all of this from a hidden location in the jungle or on the Temple grounds. 

Flocke's look at Kate - how did you interpret it? I took it as a, "Huh. That's interesting. Let's see where this goes," kind of thing. He doesn't need her, but he will tolerate her. Perhaps he also underestimates her...

Don't forget -- nothing that has happened thus far has been unanticipated by (and therefore unaccounted for by) Jacob. He knew what would happen at the Temple. He moved the pieces he needs to the right locations for the time being. His move now...


Things Learned from Pop-Up LOST
Each week we look at what the production team did and did not want us to clue into from the previous episode by what they purposefully type onto the screen in the re-run...

The Others "believed Sayid died... but he didn't." Now that's a mean way to put it when in just the very next hour you are going to have Miles CONFIRM that Sayid DID die. Come on, guys...

"You're lucky i have to protect you or i would remove your head from your body and feed it to the boars." This is the translation from the Japanese we didn't get on first viewing of what Dogen muttered to Hurley. :-)

"Claire now mirrors Rousseau." Loved how they utilized the term "mirrors."

Had forgotten the complete significance of Shannon's inhaler -- that it was never found... until now.

Alice followed a rabbit down into Wonderland. Jack followed his father to the caves. Guys, they really want to make sure we don't miss the Alice in Wonderland connections...

They tell us that the red-hot poker was indeed stuck on Sayid's gunshot wound. Significant, then? So why did Claire get her poker mark on her left shoulder? Is that where the house collapsed on her that had killed her?

Faraday did indeed also play Fantaisie-Impromptu as a child, just like David Shephard.

No. 20 on the circle of candidates = Rousseau! Didn't catch that in any of my viewings last week. The only thing that's making me frown is how the French guys heard the 4-8-15-16-23-42 transmission. If one of their own had been a candidate with the number 20, shouldn't an iteration of THAT group of candidate's numbers been playing over the radio instead?

Buildings passed in the mirrors before Jack's house: Temple where the Kwons were married, church where Sawyer's parentes funeral was held. Religious buildings... was Jack's dad's house somehow a "holy" place as well?