We got a hint from Ben last week that "it's about the kids," and here, sure enough, EVEN THE MAN IN BLACK bares a wounded soul when confiding in Kate about how he had an unnecessarily crazy mother, one who warped his soul, and now Aaron (very key and creepy Aaron reference if you ask me) also has a crazy mother. I assume he was referring to Claire, though I couldn't be 100% sure of that. Allowing myself to think that he might just be talking about Carole Littleton gave me even more creepy vibes, knowing that's who Aaron is currently with. Either way, this brought straight to mind the "prophecy" of not letting Aaron be "raised by another." That damage would seem to have been done. Aaron's now on his third mom, and if he ever makes it back to either or both of his first two mommies, they're probably not going to just be one big happy family. Flocke seems to suggest that he and Aaron already therefore have a kinship. This is really giving me more weird Antichrist feelings every episode. I do hope I'm way off. But back to Flocke pulling Claire off of Kate - my main question in the entire episode was why it was okay for him to wipe out Jacob's bodyguards at the statue and the folks who remained at the Temple (Dogen was dead; sure this is the fact that allowed him to enter, but it's also the reason he could have just walked away. Not like anyone else there was any threat to him any longer), but it's not okay for Claire or anyone else to do any killing. Is it because he knows Kate has been touched by Jacob, so he needs to come up with a reason to give Claire because he knows that's a rule that can't be broken (maybe the same reason he didn't/couldn't kill Richard?). I never bought for a second his whole "kill-or-be-killed, and I don't want to be killed" explanation (how DO you kill him anyway? Stab him with sacred knife before he can speak? Seems like you could live a long time and find ways to prevent that), nor did I find any logic whatsoever to his reasoning of "I gave people a chance to join me, when they didn't, they obviously deserved squishing." He says Sawyer is the best liar he ever saw. I'm going with the takes-one-to-know-one theory on this, Mr. Father of Lies.


I said I hope I'm wrong about any Damien/Omen type theories about Aaron. Not like it hasn't happened before, me being wrong. Just last week I rejoiced over having nailed Dr. Linus's bent toward Napoleon and Machiavelli, so this week I must do the reverse and mention how wrong I was in assuming in multiple past recaps that Jin had joined the Dark Side. And I love that the reason I am wrong boils down to the one factor that is the real and true wildcard in all major stories, the one anomaly that can not be explained in the Matrix, the one weakness that Voldemort can not foresee in the Harry Potter series, and the one inexplicability that atheistic philosophies can not account for: love. Jin's love for Sun gives him purpose beyond joining any side or group that doesn't have as it's main objective the reunification of those who belong together but have been split apart. Good for him.


When Sawyer gets to Hydra Island, we get an answer about what happened to the remaining Ajira 316 survivors who were not: Flashed out to 1977 (Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sayid), part of our group that traveled to the main island (Ben, Sun, Lapidus), part of Jacob's crew of bodyguards (Ilana, Bram, their cronies), already killed (Cesar). I mean, there were others on that plane as well. What happened to them? Well, they were unimportant to the plot, see, and a great inconvenice / plot hole to leave sitting there, so… I know - the Smoke Monster crept over to that island at some point when he wasn't killing people on the main island and squished them all into jelly. Or not. Really, we don't know what happened, since the only story we get on this is from new character Zoe (I understand that this introduction of what was seemingly another tangential character with so little time left frustrated many of you), who turns out to simply be one of Charles Widmore's soldiers. Did Widmore's group perhaps kill the 316 survivors and tell Sawyer a tale that they knew would cause him to think of Smokey?