The transmission of the numbers circa 1988 when the French team lands sounds a lot like Hurley's voice. Is it?
When would he have recorded them, and why?


Los Angeles (September 2004)

  • As Season Six starts, are we catching up with our old friends, or meeting new (and improved?) versions of them? What IS the Side-Verse story?
  • What is the significance to the island being underwater? When did it sink, and what caused that?
  • Are Sun and Jin married in the Side-Verse? If yes, why isn't she wearing a ring, and why is customs calling her "Miss Paik"?
  • Where is Christian's missing coffin, and what is the significance to it going missing again?
  • How did Jin get from LAX customs to Keamy's pantry?
  • Where is Desmond since the premier? Why is he credited as a series regular? Was he really on 815, or just in Jack's imagination?
  • If new-2004 timeline Chang, Miles, Ethan, Ben, Roger, Charlotte, etc. were ever on the island, when how and why did they leave?
  • How did 2004 Locke end up in the wheelchair since it wasn't apparently at the hands of Cooper? Is Sawyer going to show up and kill Locke's dad at an inopportune time (like Locke & Helen's wedding?)
  • Who put the Walkabout idea in Locke's head if not Abaddon?
  • Who is David Shephard's mother?
  • Does new-2004 Sawyer have a daughter, Clementine? Does he have a relationship with her?

The Island (Early 2008)

  • Why was Montand never carried out of the tunnels? Why didn't either Danielle's team or at the very least the Others at least remove/bury him?
  • Smokey wants to "go home." Where is that?
  • Who is the "crazy mother" of the MIB?
  • Why are mirrors and reflections so important / prevalent? Can Jacob watch candidates through mirrors?
  • What was Dogen typing on that old manual typewriter?
  • Who was the boy seen by MIB and Sawyer in the jungle, the one with arms outstretched who reminded a kneeling-before-his-feet MIB of the rules ("you can't kill him")? Was it Jacob? How, if Jacob is dead and older? Time travel involved? If not Jacob, who was it?
  • Why is MIB stuck in Lockeian form?
  • Whose headquarters is the seaside cave with the scrawled names and the scales?
  • Whose headquarters is the Lighthouse?
  • Who was Jacob referring to when he told Hurley, "Someone is coming to the island. I need you to help them find it." Was it Widmore"? A red herring belying the real task of getting Jack to the Lighthouse? Someone else?
  • Why does Claire have dynamite out and exposed in her hovel? And where did she get it?
  • Why isn't Kate's name included among the candidates when we know she was touched by Jacob, just like the rest?
  • How did the presence of the Temple Master keep Smokey out, when previously, ash was shown to work fine on its own in other locations?
  • What's the story of the sacred knife? Why was Ben able to kill Jacob without it, and with Jacob having spoken before Ben struck? (Did Jacob sacrifice himself?)
  • Miles dug up the diamonds from Nikki & Paulo's graves; is this just to tie up that loose end, or will they be significant to the story's endgame?
  • How is Flocke planning to leave the island (plane? sub?)? What's he gonna do when he does? why does leaving require him to have followers?
  • How was Widmore able to return to the island? Is he on the side of Jacob, MIB, or himself?
  • What's locked up under heavy guard on the sub?
  • Are Jacob and MIB "Bad Twin"s? Do they have the same (crazy) mother? Or just the same father? Not related? Jacob describes MIB as an "old friend who grew tired of my company."
  • How and when did the population of "Others" spring up? Were they recruited from the real world (ala Dogen, Juliet) as opposed to arriving on crashed vehicles?
  • So, the island is corking Hell?
  • What's up with Ilana having pondered whether Lapidus could be a candidate? This doesn't seem to make sense knowing what we know now.

The Distant Past