My first impression from this episode? That's one dumb Smoke Monster.


Why? You may recall I wrote this sentence last week: "Apparently [Widmore's] task of sacrifice for Desmond is going to involve him going deep into the bowels of the Orchid or some other hot spot beneath the Island."


And what does the MiB do with Desmond after going through all the trouble of sending Dark Sayid to steal him away from Widmore? Puts him precisely where - theoretically - Widmore needs him to be. Good work there. We call this the opposite (mirror image) of situational irony.


Speaking of mirror images, where were they this episode? Did you notice any? I saw lots of photos of Hugo, such as that great Mr. Cluck's poster with the tagline, "It's like a Walkabout in your mouth!" but no reflections. I watched it twice and missed them… after seeing three in the previous episode.


Thinking about the significance of this and how it has been so obvious all season but now halts with a Hurley-centric episode has my own brain flashing back to "Dave," which you might remember from Season Two. Among other things, "Dave" involved Hurley and Libby kissing as she talks him down from the cliff (we see Hurley's mind flash to that when they kiss on the beach), Libby convincing Hurley he's sane (we see the reverse of that this week), Hurley seeing someone on the island who may or may not be there, or might be in his head (he sees Michael this week, though we'll cover him later in this recap), Dave offering his hand and "a walk" to a seated Hurley just as Flocke does to Desmond, and perhaps most importantly, Dave trying to convince Hurley the whole "show" basically was all taking place in his head inside Santa Rosa, even using the line, "This is it, dude! The big finale! The answer to all your problems. A way for you to wake up, snap out of it."


The thing about mirrors is, they usually tell us a truth. If we avoid looking in them we can avoid certain truths we may not want to face. Are no-reflections all of a sudden a clue that it is all in Hurley's head? Oh, and "Dave" also just happened to be the episode with the big reveal that Libby was also in Santa Rosa, and by some counts was Episode Number 42 of LOST (read more about the possible significance of "Dave" at this excellent site)…


And there was Desmond this week, showing up as Mr. Cluck's order No. 42 to set Hugo on his happy way. Let's get on our happy way as well.


SIDEVERSE, a.k.a. The B.A.U.


"Ah. So what's her name?" - Desmond Hume to a depressed Hugo Reyes (yes, what is her name? We still don't know her last name, for Jacob's sake!)


One of the first things we like to do is take a look at what's the same, and what's just slightly "off" (as Libby puts it so well this week) in our "Bizarro Alternate Universe" (as Hurley puts it so well this week)…


Constants: Hugo is rich from lottery winnings; he does seem to recognize / anticipate the numbers (like when order 42 is about to be called); he's a great guy, a real humanitarian; his mother still views him as less than a success because he's not married; he loves chicken; he eats when he's depressed; he loves Libby; as confident as he is, he's still "afraid" to talk to women; nobody in LA ever seems to call him Hurley, even though he once told us this was his nickname "back home."