That Desmond sure is a fast driver. He gets around Los Angeles faster than Winston Wolf and Jack Bauer.


One minute he's running over poor John Locke in the parking lot of what appears to be a suburban school, and before Locke is even prepped for surgery at the hospital, Desmond has arrived at a downtown building, parked, and pulled his creepy-yet-charming stalker bit with Claire. And after that, after not only a hug but a kiss (?) from attorney-at-law Ilana Verdansky (she sure cleaned up well), he's disappeared again, surely to another location where several Losties are gathered (the police station for Sawyer, Kate, Miles, and Sayid, perhaps?).


I didn't love "The Last Recruit" as an episode. We got the Sun-and-Jin reunion but it felt rushed, not to mention interrupted by Lapidus's hackneyed line! We learned about the appearances of Christian Shephard, but - as I discussed in yesterday's mini-blog update and rehash below - I still have loads of question about that. What's more, back on Monday I noted on my Facebook page that "ABC lists next week's LOST episode with this tagline: 'Alliances are made and broken as the Locke and Jack camps merge.' That's it - that's the answer to the whole thing. LOST was one big episode of Survivor. Jeff Probst is going to emerge from a Dharma Station in the final episode and announce the winner." So then to have one scene - the one where Sawyer is whispering to Hugo and Kate is whispering to Sun - play exactly like an episode of Survivor? Eh.


Plus, this was the kind of episode that makes for too-easy a recap. It was mostly plot, pieces moving into place. You saw what I saw. So rather than go scene-by-scene or section-by-section, I thought we'd try a different approach this week, more of a Q&A style. Let's see how it goes.


What did Flocke mean when he told Jack "sure you do" in response to Jack's saying he had no idea what Flocke was?


I think the let's-not-think-too-deeply-here answer is that he was simply saying, "You've seen me before and you know it; you already suspect I was masquerading as your dead father and you're going to ask me that directly in 3, 2, 1…"


The more probing answer is to ponder whether he was speaking philosophically or religiously about being the embodiment of evil… or fear… or the devil… or some other concept with which Jack is certainly familiar, as we all are.


What did you think about Smokey, who once told Ben he admired Locke for being the only one of the castaways who realized his Island life was better than his off-Island life, changing his tune and telling Jack that Locke was "stupid… not a believer… a sucker… "?


On one hand I think he's right - Original Locke did display several characteristics of the dangers of faith that feed zealotry. On the other hand it makes me want to laugh. Here is a smoke monster in the guise of a dead man talking to a doctor who has seen so much crazy stuff that he's flipped from reason to faith, and the MiB has the gall to mock faith, belief in purpose, magic, destiny? Please. It's transparent. It's self-contradicting, just like the time you told James that there was "nothing special" about the Island, but the very fact you, looking like Dead Locke, in a creepy cave with names scrawled all over it, were the one saying that was its own refutation.