Um, yes. What was it the show used to say about coincidence and fate and all that? And yes, I also caught how Desmond used the word "irreversible" when talking to Claire, and how Jack, in this season's first episode, told Locke, "nothing's irreversible."


If you read backwards, you can tell that Ilana's company's name is "Sweetzer & Verdansky" (she's Verdansky). A couple episodes ago Penny told Desmond to meet her at the coffee shop on the corner of Sweetzer and Melrose. Is that just coincidence - the word 'Sweetzer' popping up again - or does it mean something?


I want to think it's meaningful, and as such, I've tried several anagrams, but to no avail. I'm most intrigued by the possibility of the word "reset" coming out of the letters of that name, but haven't been able to make all the other letters fit, whether I try with Melrose or Verdansky.


Is there any significance to Jack's son not signing the visitor registry at the office building?


The sign said "Visitors must sign in." Claire signed in. Desmond signed in. Jack signed in. David… he didn't sign in. Does it possibly signify that he's a "resident" of this timeline rather than just a "visitor" to it as the other three might be? Even I think this is stretching it a bit if that tells you anything.


Why are they still keeping David's mother's identity a secret?


The less time we have left, the more this feels like a big reveal. As in, not Sarah, Jack's wife from the original timeline. Or, it could be completely pointless. My hope? It's Juliet. She and Jack could have met in medical school, but their careers drove them apart. And, being divorced now frees her up to still have that cup of coffee with Sawyer. Cut, print, make it happen.


What's going on when Sun, being gurneyed into the hospital alongside Locke, starts freaking out and yelling "it's him!"?


She's having a déjà vu, a recollection of her island life where she knows this guy is such bad news that she wouldn't even trust him to reunite her with her long-lost husband. Comparing / contrasting to other triggers we know about:

  • Charlie: Consciousness level - dying. Parallel Constant - heroin in the 815 bathroom.

  • Desmond: Consciousness level - near-drowning. Parallel Constant - Charlie's hand on a pane of glass underwater.

  • Libby: Consciousness level - perhaps on meds, mentions feeling "hit over the head" dazed. Parallel constants - being in Santa Rosa, seeing Hurley's commercial.

  • Hurley: Consciousness level - first-kiss bliss. Parallel constant - being with Libby.

  • Sun: Consciousness level - losing lots of blood, fading in and out. Parallel constant - Jin at her side, Locke on her other side.

So all I really think is going on is confirmation that death, dreams, sleep, unconsciousness, or black-out - or varying levels thereof - have something to do with the toggle between worlds, a theme we've suspected for quite a while, but that you also have to be near something or someone from that other world - a Constant - to set off the flash.