She gets it back when she sees Jin. And Lapidus is on hand with a line that I swear sounded like it was handed down straight from a producer who assumes the rest of us pay as little attention as he or she does, "Looks like somebody got their voice back." Ew. I can taste the corn. Not happy you made my favorite character from the set of a Burt Reynolds movie say such a line.


The question is whether Dr. Jack was right, and Sun was merely suffering aphasia, or whether the Island somehow made her lose her English speaking abilities, or whether it was her unconscious mind (from getting knocked out at the tree) somehow reverting to the Bizarro timeline. The problem with the aphasia theory is: then what was the point in regards to the plot or mystery? The problem with the transfer-to-Bizarro-world theory is why she could still understand English.


For me, this whole Sun-lost-her-English gambit didn't seem to have much of a point, unless the writers realized they were already giving us an anti-climactic Sun-Jin reunion sequence during a time when there is much heavier stuff at stake, and wanted to ramp up the emotionality a tad by having Sun regain something she had "lost." Did it work for you? Not for me so much.


Why doesn't Sawyer know who Anakin is?


Another good question, especially given his fondness in earlier seasons for referring to Hurley as "Jabba." He should know him some Star Wars. The bigger key here is Hurley's reminder that "people can be brought back from the dark side."


What was the point of that Sawyer-Kate police station scene?


Hmmm… they're both dressed in black, just in case we forgot that was an important color. And he's eating a red apple, just in case we forgot that was also an important color / theme (to go with Sun's red tomato and Hurley's red flowers). But really, all they're trying to do is explain to us why Good Cop James would have assisted a fugitive in her escape. He didn't want anyone to know he had been in Australia, and capturing Kate would have let that cat out of the bag.


It's not the trip Down Under that James wants to keep hidden, it's his Sawyer revenge plan. He let his trusted partner Miles in on it, but he certainly can't let the LAPD in on it.


And, being in the station also lets us in on how James and Miles find out about the restaurant shootings and finger Sayid as the shooter ("That's our bad guy"). What's not clear is how they track Sayid so quickly to Nadia's house simply from a picture of him. Sawyer even knows his name when he arrests him! Wow! (Though I grant you this is way cool if somehow the reason Sawyer knows his name is from a déjà vu of sorts).


Still think Widmore is on the side of good?


Not really. Not sure if I ever did. Sometimes it seems he wants some of the same ends as Jacob would (keep the MiB from leaving), other times it seems he wants nothing but to fulfill his own agenda (which is what? Sell tickets to the island for its healing properties? Mine its minerals? Cheat death? All of the above?). And other times I even wonder if he and Smokey might just be on the same side and their whole war has been a ruse. It sure seems, though, like he is playing right into MiB's hands by having Zoe put our gang into execution posture.