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Run for your lives! It's the anti-Christ of LOST blogs!


With the hiatus this week, I've opted to check in with something we all enjoy - lists! And in honor of the six seasons of my favorite all-time show, there are six lists below, each six items long (though I may have fudged a little bit so as to squeeze in more flavor).


My 6 Favorite Reveals So Far


As I thought back over the series, most of these have involved anagrams, which is interesting, since I've always clung to the puzzles/games themes in LOST.


  1. Ethan Rom, the "Other Man."  Okay, I grant you that there have been more mind-blowing ones since, but this was the first one that really made me pop a vessel. There were other people on the island! Our crash survivors were not alone! And they had been infiltrated! And this guy was not on the manifest! And his name was an anagram! Holy schnikes! This is where the show moved for me from "batch of lovable losers end up born again through plane crash on Mystery Island" to a whole ‘nother level.
  2. The Hatch. One mistimed flashlight toss between Locke and Boone is all it took to ratchet things up even further. Clang! What was under there? Did they find this place through fate, coincidence, or divine intervention? How would they get in? Who or what was in there? Oh, not much, only a doomsday button and the coolest Scotsman since William Wallace, Brotha!
  3. "Not Penny's Boat."  As Season Three came to a close, the question was whether or not our Losties were about to be rescued, or slaughtered. Was Jack right, with his full-steam-ahead blind mission to get them all off the island, or was it Locke with his zealous Naomi-knifing efforts to convince everyone it was their calling to stay (spurred upward out of the pit and onward by Taller Ghost Walt)? The emotion of Charlie's sacrifice and final message to Desmond gave us a chilling answer.
  4. Frozen Donkey Wheel.  The Island can be 'moved'? Through time, through space, or both? And there's this cold chamber way beneath the surface that houses something clearly man- or alien-made? And turning the wheel spits one out into the Sahara Desert 10 months into the future? And this is why there are polar bears on the island, basically having been bred as giant, strong-enough, cold-hardy lab rats? And Mittelos Bioscience is an anagram for "LOST Time"? Cool.
  5. DeadLocked.  Twice we were treated to the camera panning over a coffin revealing Terry O'Quinn's lifeless form. He was dead Jeremy Bentham in the Hoffs-Drawlar (anagram "Flash forward") funeral parlor whose death had pill-popping, pirate-bearded Jack so distraught. And then for good measure, just as we might have been believing the anagram from Ben's carpet van ("Canton-Rainier" = Reincarnation), thinking this resurrected fellow on the beach might just be Messiah-Locke, we're shown what Lapidus was shown that made him grimace and say, "Terrific."
  6. "We have to go back!"  Holy cow, Jack and Kate got off the island? We've been watching a flash-forward when all we'd seen to-date were flashbacks? How did they leave? Who else left with them? What happened to Jack that turned him from Mr. Must-Get-Off to Mr. Must-Go-Back?

Not quite making the cut: The Tail Section Survivors... The Black Rock turns out to be a ship stranded in the middle of the jungle… The Numbers turn out to be the key to sooooo many things, including candidate ID badges… The monster is a man with a fondness for black shirts who has lived on the island a hella long time but doesn't want to anymore, and who found a majorly-convoluted loophole which led him to manipulate dozens of people and events… How Ricardo came to be Ageless Richard, prophet of Jacob and advisor to the Others… The Island is the cork that keeps Hell bottled up.