The 6 Unsolved Mysteries I'm Most Looking Forward to Learning


There's still a ton out there, but these are the ones that most intrigue me, for various reasons. I've left out things that the story is obviously about, such as who wins the Jacob/MiB/Widmore war, and whether the new-815 2004 Bizarro Sideverse is real, or the 2007/8 Island Timeline is real, or whether they will be merging somehow. It's a bit of a semantic thing, but for me, those are more about where the narrative is headed than a big ol' puzzle to be worked out.


The Major Ones


  1. The Jacob/MIB backstory.  So… are they brothers? Half-brothers? Old friends? God and the Devil? Is one of them The Bad Twin (the novel title from Gary Troup, the passenger who got sucked into the turbine the first day, whose manuscript was read by both Sawyer and Hurley, and whose name anagrams to spell "Purgatory")? Who is the MiB's crazy mother? Do these characters and their mom have any reference to biblical characters (Sarah-Hagar-Ishmael-Isaac? Rebekah-Esau-Jacob?) or Egyptian gods? Why are they here on this island? Is their argument about the nature and potential of humanity just an ongoing game to pass the time, or something more significant? How is it that Jacob can heal people and grant immortality but not forgive sins or resurrect anyone? Did he really "steal" Smokey's body? What is Smokey's real function (judgment? Angel of Death?)? Related question: What of the Sacred Knife? What's its story?
  2. Mirrors & Reflections.  I get it; Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass is mega-important. Why? Is everything happening in the world on the other side of the mirror? What about Jack's shaving cut? Sun's reaction when she sees herself in the mirror before letting Keamy into her hotel room? Will it be as the Apostle Paul said - now we see through a glass darkly, then face-to-face?
  3. Babies & Kids.  When did it happen - and why - that women could no longer have children on the island (if they wished to live, that is)? Is there any significance to Aaron being conceived off-island but born on it, and Ji Yeon being conceived on-island but born off it? Do these factors make them special in any way? What of Clementine, Little Charlie, David, and other kids? Do they have some future involved with the island? And that kid in the jungle seen by Flocke and Friends - who is he? Is he growing up? Is he Jacob? How? Why?
  4. 4-8-15-16-23-42.  Part of the reason I didn't include this as one of my Top 6 Reveals is that I don't feel like we have the full story yet on the Numbers. We already know they are important, and that they correspond to Locke, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Jack, and Jin/Sun as candidates. What happened to Kate's candidacy? Why and when did her name get crossed off? Are Frank (guessed by Ilana) and Desmond (can see Kid Jacob) somehow candidates, too? Is this group of candidates Jacob's last chance to prove his theories (it looked like most of the 360 degrees of his circle in the Lighthouse were crossed off)? Why did Danielle's crew hear this batch of numbers on the transmission instead of a group that would have corresponded to themselves? Since we already know about the Numbers, why continue posting them so conspicuously in almost every episode? Feels like there's something more to them.
  5. Bamboo Jack.  It's itched since the Pilot episode, as has the fact that the producers have always said we "missed a major clue" in the first few minutes of the Pilot, and the fact that ABC is going to re-run The Pilot on the Saturday night before the Sunday finale. Why did Jack wake up in the bamboo forest so far from the 815 crash? None of the bamboo is broken or disturbed, as it would be if he had been thrown there. His injuries are minor. He blacked out during the crash and woke up there. The exact same scenario happened during his Ajira 316 arrival as well. There's something significant here.
  6. Special Desmond, a.k.a. The Package.  Does Des save the day? Does he perform the sacrifice Widmore asks of him? What spawned his mission-with-the-manifest that has him driving around LA introducing all his old friends to glimpses of their alternate reality? Does he have that cup of coffee with Penny? If and when he does, will our other star-crossed LOST lovers be present?

The Minor Ones