1. Who is David Shephard's mother? In my last write-up I wrote: "The less time we have left, the more this feels like a big reveal. As in, not Sarah, Jack's wife from the original timeline… My hope? It's Juliet. She and Jack could have met in medical school, but their careers drove them apart. And, being divorced now frees her up to still have that cup of coffee with Sawyer. Cut, print, make it happen."
  2. How did Yemi's Beechcraft get from Nigeria to the South Pacific?  I don't buy "the island moves" as a reasonable answer for this one. I don't think it's ever moved that far. That prop plane functioned to move several sections of LOST's plot forward, so it would be a shame to leave this unexplained or up to conjecture.
  3. Speaking of Yemi, when will we see everyone's favorite character Mr. Eko again? We're supposed to, right? Will it be in a cameo, little more than how we got to see Frogurt telling Kate to get out of his taxi, or are they saving his appearance for something special, some game changer, some revelation?
  4. The Hurley Bird.  Why does this giant bird call Hurley's name during the Michael-led trek to sell his friends out to the Others? Why have the producers been so hush-hush whenever asked about it? Where did Hugo even get the nickname Hurley? Why does nobody "back home" ever seem to call him Hurley? Will the answers given by the producers in this podcast of March 21, 2008 become more clear:
    A questioner asks them to comment on "monster forms"; whether certain things are human, apparition, animal, dead, etc.
    Ben's mother Emily = "Apparition."
    Sawyer's wild boar = "Animal."
    Medusa Spider = "Monster."
    Hurley bird = "Oh, I'm not gonna comment on that."
    Dave = "Figment of imagination slash apparition."
    Yemi = "Monster."
    Walt = "Walt the person is a person. But there are apparitions of Walt that may not be Walt, and also monster-related."
    Kate's horse… = "… Kate's horse is undead."
  5. Adam & Eve.  For some people, this remains in the "major" category. But I'm not even sure we'll be making any return journeys to the cave. In fact, after "The Lighthouse" I was sure we had left this one behind for good. I still think this is Rose & Bernard Nadler, who lived out their lives after the last time we saw them in 1977, and laid down to die, leaving behind an identifying greeting to later generations of one white stone and one black stone. I also love the speculated anagram that one of the Room 23 phrases, "Only fools are enslaved by time and space," can be rearranged to spell, "Bones of Nadlers may lay deep in lost cave." As a side note, did you ever notice that during Jack's strung-out O6 days, he was once told that a "Dr. Nadler" would be doing surgery in his place? A long-lost Bernard relative, perhaps? Anyway, my curiosity about this mystery has been revived with all the references to "dinosaur times" and paleontology and ancient history. There may yet be more time traveling to do.
  6. Good/Bad and Good/Evil.  This one really bothers some of my more religious friends who watch the show. Some of them even threaten to throw away their LOST fan cards at the end if LOST doesn't come up with clearly demarked answers about who is good and who is bad and what is good and what is bad by the time it wraps. I fear I'll be picking up lots of cards. Like it or not, the show is in many ways about relativism and difficulty in defining or maintaining a true moralistic code and I just can't bring myself to see this as a "bad" thing. In fact, it's helped me see myself as in the same boat (or airplane, or submarine) as all of my fellow humans. Which of us truly condemns Richard for killing the doctor? Or can't extend gracious understanding to Sayid's warped and manipulated soul? Even Ben is being saved in his own Darth Vader way. We all fail, we're none of us altruistic, and we all can play the justification game, sometimes justifiably. But in the end, we're not excused. We still need redemption, fresh starts, newness, freedom. Now, I do remain interested in seeing if Widmore is "good" or "bad," I anticipate knowing whether Jacob is good and the MiB is evil or whether they are as benign as the two sides that square off in backgammon or chess. But I believe those who are looking for a secular network to preach absolute truths of good and evil according to the Christian Bible are going to be disappointed in the end.

Not quite making the cut: Who lives?... Who dies?... How did the donkey wheel get there?... What are all the specific instances of ghosts, whisperers, apparitions, hallucinations, Jacob, MiB, Christian, etc. Which ones are which, and how are we to know for sure?... How and when did the Island end up underwater?