My 6 Fears of Things Which Will be Left Unexplained


Don't get me wrong, I trust the LOST writing and production team explicitly. I think. I just don't see how we're going to cover all these things, and I don't want to leave them to conjecture. But as I've already given up on item Number One, I find it plenty reasonable to assume there are others we are going to have to surrender as well.


  1. Walt.  I've covered Walt several times in earlier posts. To quote Kevin Bacon in A Few Good Men, "Markinson's gone. There is no Markinson." Ditto Walt. Dead end. "He's been through enough," as Locke told Abaddon in NYC in Season Five. This doesn't mean that I don't cling to an inkling of hope that Michael and Walt were on the rebooted 815 and we might see them (with a new actor cast in the role of Walt), or that some reference won't be made by some character to where Walt got his special skills, and what the Others hoped to learn about him/those powers.
  2. The Cabin.  Why does it seem to move around? Was it ever Jacob's base? When? He seems so content to just live in his statue. Did Ben make up the story of the cabin being Jacob's base, and the MiB took advantage of that? Then why did Ilana and Bram head there first? Why did they bother to burn it down? If Horace built it as a getaway for his family in the 70s, when did Jacob and/or Smokey take up residence? Why does "Cabin Jacob" look so different from the Jacob we now know? Because it was really the MiB? If the MiB was using the cabin as Christian, then whose was the creepy eyeball that peeked out at Hurley? Why is ash so discombobulating for the MiB? Who surrounded the cabin with a ring of ash? What that to keep MiB in, or out?
  3. The Time-Skipping Outrigger Shooting.  Who chased Sawyer, Juliet, Locke and Co. on the outrigger while they were time skipping? Why did they shoot at them? When Juliet shot back, it looked like she might have wounded or killed one of them? Did she? Who? I always assumed this was Ilana's group (there was an Ajira water bottle in the canoe), but now that there's no more Ilana… ?
  4. The Story of Danielle Rousseau's Team.  We know she killed Robert and several other crewmates. We know ‘the sickness' was probably involved. We know they went after Montand when his arm was ripped off and he was dragged into the tunnels below the Temple wall. What we don't know is why Montand was left there and not carried out when they climbed out. Or why the Others never removed his body from their sacred area which they obviously patrol. Or what happened down there. Did Smokey kill the whole crew, and then "claim" them back to life? Or was Danielle the one who got "sick," which is a fair question given how similar she and Claire ended up?
  5. The Journal of the Black Rock.  The ship crashed on the Island in 1867. Apparently no crew survived. Richard never went back to the boat until 2007. How did the first mate's ledger ever make it into the hands of pirates in Madagascar? What secrets did Widmore glean from it after buying it at auction?
  6. How did the Beechcraft get to the island? See "The Minors Ones" section above.

Not quite making the cut: Ilana's backstory… where the Whispers got their personal knowledge for some of the things they whispered to characters like Sawyer and Jack… Libby's last name and reason for being on the original 815… the history of the Swan hatch between ‘The Incident' and Radznisky killing himself (if that is what really happened, Kelvin)... What did Richard mean when he told Sun he watched all her friends die in 1977?