1. Kate's toy airplane.  I don't care who you are or how guilty you feel for getting your childhood friend killed. I can't imagine you risk capture, being killed, having to use violence, going in with thugs on the job, etc. just to retrieve a stupid toy airplane from a bank safe deposit box. I so wanted there to be more to this story. Without more to it, all it did in the long run was make me like Kate less.
  2. Dharmaville.  Why were they allowed to ever build there in the first place? Why were they tolerated? Did Hanso (speaking of which, more backstory on the Hanso family and their connection to the island would go nicely hand-in-hand with information about the Black Rock journal) have a deal with the Others? Why did the Others purge them, and if they were going to do that, why wait 20-some years to do it? Why were they allowed to build the barracks atop a sacred tunnel system, and above the Smokey-summoning cave? Did they ever really succeed with any of their experiments? Why do they continue to send food drops, and why do the Others continue to enjoy Dharma-brand products in their refrigerators and pantries? Why did Pierre Chang ever bother with candle-based aliases when there was no mystery around Dharmaville about who he was (he even worked admission on occasion)?
  3. The Faked Oceanic 815 Crash Site.  Why did anyone accept a site in the Indian Ocean northwest of Australia? That's nowhere near the route from Sydney to Los Angeles.
  4. Desmond's Vision of Claire & Aaron Getting on a Helicopter and Being Rescued.  This is what ultimately convinced Charlie to make his sacrifice. I don't think Desmond lied to him about having seen this glimpse of the future just to get him to go die already. So why didn't it happen? Might it still?
  5. Sayid's Failed Test.  I'm still at a loss to know what Dogen saw in Sayid's reactions that told him Sayid was "sick" and "claimed." All his reactions looked to me like ones any normal, sane, living person would have to electrocution and hot pokers. Maybe I'm "sick," too, then…
  6. Jill the Butcher.  We met Jill, who appears to be an off-island Other, at the beginning of Season Five. It's her butcher shop where Locke's corpse is kept nice and cool until Ben and Jack are ready to take it to the airport. In their brief meeting, Jill mocks Jack to Ben (who defends Jack as having been through a lot), tells Ben that everything's on schedule, says the dead body will be "safe" with her. Ben leaves her with this quote: "So keep him safe, Jill. Because if you don't… everything we're about to do won't matter at all." This quote and scene stick out to me like a sore thumb now. What did Ben think he was about to do? Shoot, I'm not even clear yet on his motives for returning to the island. All we do know is once he got there he did nothing but unwittingly become the MiB's Jacob-killing patsy. What did these Others think they were doing, and what was so important about it, and why did it involve Dead Locke and the rest of the O6? Were they just important to Ben getting back in the same way they are important to MiB being able to leave? Related question: What did Ben surreptitiously pull out of the air vent in the LA hotel room where he and Jack stayed? Has that or will that ever come into play?

Not quite making the cut: All the questions I still have about the appearances of Christian Shephard that go against the rules of what Smokey can do…