At least we should no longer be in doubt about the MiB possibly being the good guy, or possibly not being evil. Or should we? Might we yet come to find out he's been a victim and a prisoner his whole life? Or could it still be both, as in some of the classic literature about Satan (i.e. Paradise Lost)? I thought of the old Fallen Star nemesis when Jack said, "He can't kill us. He can't leave unless we're dead. He's trying to get us to kill each other." In the Book of Job, Satan is not allowed by rule to cause harm. Not unless God permits. So it stands to reason that one argument LOST is making is that if this character can't destroy these annoying creatures himself, he'll get them to do it to each other. He'll fool them, gain their trust, con them, lie to them, make them promises based on the one thing they want the most, always impatient and longing to be done with it. Perhaps the metaphor extends to what humanity continues to do to each other today. Are we on the path of annihilating each other instead of uniting against the one who has spent centuries working the loopholes to bring us to this point?


In any case, Flocke does not have the best interests of humanity at heart. He does not love. He embodies chaos (except when executing one of his detailed schemes).And he knows the sub sunk. But he also knows not everyone died? How? Quite simply, he senses he can't leave the Island yet. If they were all dead, he'd be free. Some of them must have survived.


So Who's Left?

  • Kate. Widmore and Sawyer have both told her she's no candidate. We still don't know what happened to her candidacy, why her name was etched off. That said, the name "Austen" was marked out, but going back to our theme of weird cases of identity, was Kate really truly ever an Austen? No, not biologically, anyway. Austen was the last name of the man who raised her, but not of Wayne, her true dad. Does this mean anything? Doubtful, but I still wanted to bring it up, just like I think that Ji Yeon might have been the Kwon candidate all along (and she's still alive).

  • Claire. I also don't want to forget that Claire's still around, and technically, she's not a Littleton, but a Shephard by paternal blood. But she's surely not the Shephard candidate… is she?

  • Desmond. Whatever Sayid did or did not do to him, he's still in the well, and still alive.

  • Hurley.

  • Jack.

  • Sawyer. Gonna be interesting to see what he's thinking and feeling when he wakes up, or whether he had any déjà vu type experiences while knocked out. Also, bear in mind that he's not the only "Ford" in the world, either. There's also young Clementine…

  • Ben - Miles - Richard. Sure seems like they've taken their sweet time going to the barracks, collecting ammo, and getting their butts over to Hydra.

  • Widmore - Zoe. Looks like she won't get the chance to chat up Jin about those grid maps he made in the 70s. But I bet that doesn't stop this geophysicist from figuring something out about the pockets of electromagnetic material.

  • Flocke. Okay, technically he's not in Locke's body (that was buried in a grave on the beach), so it's not like LAX Locke can re-inhabit his old skin. How does he intend to "finish what he started" when our remaining few survivors are on to his game now?