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  • Other Items of Note 

    • The best news of the week was that we gained an extra half hour of LOST. The finale of Sunday the 23rd was extended from two to 2 ½ hours in length.

    • I did think Jin was going to swim out on Sun, if only because I thought she was going to invoke the need for him to meet and care for their daughter. Speaking of which, Sun told Jin that Ji Yeon is "with her mom" rather than "with her folks." Nothing was said of creepy old Mr. Paik. Did they separate? Did he die? In the end, the Sun/Jin final sequence was just as it should have been. Even more moving than Titanic.

    • Is Lapidus really dead? No death scene, no body, and Kate & Hurley didn't even ask about him. Kinda cold. Unless he somehow made it? Right before the sub door blew in on him I did like how the alarm was identical to the Swan alarm.

    • Kate loves Jack, I think. She sure seemed upset that she couldn't find him on the beach. She's concerned for Sawyer, but her true feelings are for the doctor. That said, I don't necessarily think any of the rest of the show is going to involve them getting together.

    • My boss Steve McGarvey is really put out by the Great Submarine Escape. The physics of swimming out of a blast hole in the side of a sub against onrushing water while carrying another human and extremely deep underwater is next to impossible, he says. Okay. And I know there are those of you who are this kind of TV/movie watcher. Me? I'm choosing to explain this as, "Super Duper Can't-Be-Killed Candidate Powers" allowed them to do it and survive. How's that?

    • Several people thought they were onto something in the previous episode when Locke, in the ambulance, said, "I was gonna marry her" while referring to Helen. Apparently they took that line as Locke's mind having flashed to Island-time where Helen was dead. I never even considered that, and I don't consider it much now, either. I think the simplest explanation suffices here - Locke was just talking as a guy who wasn't sure if he was going to make it thinking his wedding plans were completely indefinite at that moment.

    • Similar thing with how many of you I came across who were so bugged by the idea of Jack "being with" Flocke. But there was never anything to worry about, friends. Jack even said the same thing this week during the breakout scene. It's all just a literary device. Our hero never trusted or belonged to the dark side.

    • Trust was huge in this episode. And Jack-Flocke invoked a major all-time theme of trust and power in their on-the-beach why-should-I-trust-you discussion. An increasingly-impatient Flocke told him, "Because I could kill you." And with that, Flocke basically invoked the idea of Might Makes Right. Which of course isn't really "Trust" at all, but it's uncouth cousin Fear. And if this episode, as discussed earlier, was indeed at all metaphorical for humanity's inevitable destruction of itself by itself (something which jives with the extra-canonical "Valenzetti Equation" (a.k.a. ‘The Numbers'), by the way), then this is just extra fodder for those who would go down that rabbit hole.

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