Why does Flocke carry around a backpack?

To pull the switcheroo on Jack. He truly thought of everything.


How did Bizarro Universe Locke end up in a wheelchair?

He crashed his first solo flight.


Does the MiB really want to leave? Is he going to be able to do this with the Candidates, or because all the candidates have died either by their own hand or Widmore's?

He can probably just leave of his own volition and abilities once Jacob as well as every candidate to replace Jacob are dead.


Did Sayid kill Desmond?



Does the MiB have an aversion to water?

Nope. At least not when he's in human form.


Expanded Upon


What is the Sideverse?

It feels more and more like this is the place our characters are going to end up - the place where they live instead of die, trust instead of fear, love instead of despair, believe instead of deny.


Who dies?

At least Jin, Sun, Sayid, and probably Frank. And maybe even more to come.


Is the show all a game?

I mentioned this in last week's write-up as one possible ending. Next week's preview gives the idea some credence.


Will there be a New Jacob?

From what Sayid says, it sure seems like yes, and that it'll be Jack.


Possibly New Insights / Theories


I mentioned it in my write-up last week as a big question I have - will the kids we've met be big parts of the story?

I am getting a huge sense that yes, they will be, mostly because I just can't accept that the story has closed on the Kwon candidacy. And if Ji Yeon is a part of things to come, so are Aaron and possibly others (David, Charlie, Clementine).


I read an interesting theory last week that suggested the scene where Sawyer ate an apple in front of Kate at the police station was a metaphorical clue that they end up being Adam & Eve.

I liked that thinking. I don't think that myself (especially now that I think Kate loves Jack), but it was a good theory.




Will Locke's training as a pilot play into the end game or an escape from the island at all?

I'm kinda hoping so.


Is Lapidus really dead?

I'm kinda hoping not. He deserved a better way to go out than Burt Reynolds jokes, a hackneyed line, almost but not quite ever being the hero (see Jack arriving with the keys just before Frank kicks out the door), and not getting a real death scene.