The Smoke Monster continues to seem so much more evil and menacing to me than the Kid/Man in Black ever did. But what I can admit is that this is where the show seems to be pointing - that regardless of what we knew of the MiB's personality or the hieroglyphs, the Smoke Monster really is the result of Jacob sending his brother into the Source, resulting in a "worse than death" existence that turned him into a really angry, really evil being who will somehow spell the end of all life if he ever escapes the Island. (But I still like to believe the Monster was a a trapped evil spirit / fallen star who was imprisoned in the Golden Waterfall and released, genie-like, when MiB was washed down there. And the reason it can't destroy Jacob directly is because Jacob "released" him, kinda like a genie being released from a lamp, and as much as he hates Jacob for not letting him leave, he also is beholden to him). And it will be Desmond's job, ultimately, to put the genie back in the bottle. My pet theories die hard).

What are The Numbers?

We thought we had this one figured out (they correspond to the candidates), but Kate and the explanation Jacob gave her had to go and throw a big monkey into that wrench.

Expanded Upon


Jack's neck wound - what's up with that?

He had it on the plane, and he has it again at least a week later. We can't be sure if it's been there every morning in between, but it's a good guess it has. It doesn't just appear in the mirror, but is visible on his actual non-mirrored skin as well. Somehow it feels like the wound is a connection between the timelines. But how?


The Donkey Wheel

This didn't appear in this week's episode, but I had some thoughts about it since we saw it last week. I still wonder who ever installed it and set up the whole "move the island, get flashed out to Tunisia, time-travel, can't find the Island system," but the theory I like the best is that project stayed incomplete until Dharma showed up and their brainiac scientists completed it. I think when they drilled down and took this image of what was behind the wall where their drills kept melting, that seeing this image of the uninstalled wheel is what convinced them to go in. I will grant, however, that it's possible (as referenced vaguely above) that Jacob is the one who completed this project so he could leave the Island (which would theoretically be "allowed" since it was in service to the Island as a way of finding candidates to be the new Protector).




Is Richard dead?


How does it all come together? What will go down at 'the concert'?!
Can't wait!


Tonight, May 20, the New York Times is interviewing LOST producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and the event is being broadcast live via satellite to select movie theatres across the country. I'll be attending tonight and writing a review blog tomorrow! Look for it!