Claire doesn't look uncomfortable at all to be staying with her long lost family. She does make mention that Aaron kicks a lot at night.


David will be playing piano at the concert at the museum that night. His mom will be present, and Jack has to promise not to "get weird." Oh, but apparently things are going to get very weird there, David, as the entire cast of LOST is going to descend upon you!


But what does dead Christian have to do with any of it? What is Desmond's strategy behind calling Jack and pretending to be an Oceanic rep who has located Christian's coffin? I mean, Jack is already going to be at the concert. His son's playing there. If Desmond's goal is to get all the 815ers and friends into one place, then making up a story about the missing coffin, telling Jack that it should be available "by the end of the day" would seem to be a potential road block to Jack being there. Is that part of Desmond's plan? Gather everybody except Jack Shephard, Island Protector, at the concert?


As to David's mother, I'm sticking with what I wrote a few weeks ago: "The less time we have left, the more this feels like a big reveal. As in, not Sarah, Jack's wife from the original timeline… My hope? It's Juliet. She and Jack could have met in medical school, but their careers drove them apart. And, being divorced now frees her up to still have that cup of coffee with Sawyer. Cut, print, make it happen."


Speaking of that "all about love" coffee shop ending that I still kinda hope is coming, I always wondered whether Ben would have a soulmate to share a latte with, and who that might be. I LOVE that it's Danielle Rousseau. This was my absolute favorite part of this week's episode - seeing Rousseau again, and watching Ben get misty-eyed upon learning that he has been a meaningful father figure to Alex. But this is also what made seeing Ben's apparent turn back to the dark side on the Island extra disturbing.


Oddly enough, Ben has Desmond to thank for his newfound love connection and more. It was one of the many joys of this week's episode to see Desmond Hume yet again parked outside Washington Tustin High School looking to run down John Locke. Or was he? Maybe this time he only wanted to appear to be running down Locke so that Ben would do just what he did - try to stop him. Me, I think Desmond is operating on such a higher plane of faith that he is good either way. Run down Locke again? Fine. Get stopped by Ben? We can work with that, too. All roads end at the same place. I must simply do my job as the prophet to help them see. When Ben wants to know who Desmond is and what his motive is, he gets a beating that flashes him back to the day at the docks where he couldn't pull the trigger on Penny, and Des pounded him silly. His injuries here, down to the sling, are very similar. And he believes Desmond when he tells Ben that his intention was never to hurt Locke, but to help him "let go."


Ben passes this information on Locke in the nurse's office. It does indeed mean something to Locke, who is indeed starting to open his eyes. He hangs up on his call to the police (just as the officer answering the phone is approached by the very man turning himself in for the crime the phone call is in reference to), and goes to visit that nice Dr. Shephard.