‘Zoe' Means Life… Or Not


Back on the Island, Ben sells out the duo hiding in his closet to the Smoke Monster. Smokey dispatches with Zoe the moment Charles tells her not to speak (there's that "don't let it/her speak" thing again). Smokey says hey, I just inferred since she wasn't allowed to talk that she was of no use or importance anyway. And nobody liked this character, so see ya!


He has also inferred, however, that Charles is "clearly unafraid to die," so he comes up with a different threat - Penny. I don't think Charles believes that he won't hurt Penny, but if there's a chance, he is willing to take it, since I think he also believes that even if he tells Smokey what's up with Desmond, the Monster won't be able to do much about it (and would find out soon enough himself anyway).


What we do know is that Widmore, as speculated two weeks ago, was indeed visited by Jacob, who showed him the error of his ways. The Charles Widmore we were seeing when John Locke arrived in Tunisia, the one who helped Locke - via Abaddon - find his friends and attempt to recruit them, the one who said, "war is coming to the Island. And if you're not there, the wrong side will win" knew what he was talking about, and was indeed on the side of "good." R.I.P. Charles. And you too, Zoe, I guess. Though your existence and geophysicist background and search for the pockets of energy sure seem completely pointless now. (Note to self: Next time you watch Season 1-5, notice things like the look on Charles' face when Desmond marches in looking for "Daniel Faraday's mother." In hindsight, it's the expression of the true believer, of the person who was told that one day, your son-in-law you haven't seen in ages will come walking through that door looking for the mother of your son. Cool).


We've covered Ben already, but the fact he "wants to see" bloodshed, and so quickly asks if there's anyone else to kill? Creepy. And on his question about who else needs to be done away with, both the episode and we cut away to…


"And I Thought that Guy Had a God Complex Before"


This line from the guy who was just let off the hook over his guilt for being responsible for the deaths of Sayid, Jin, and Sun. And to his credit, he knows it's not the time or place for his sarcasm. James Ford is just really confused about everything he has just learned. Why it took Jacob, however, to convince him point-blank that he wasn't "doin' just fine" before coming to the Island, I don't know. Seems like we would have hoped these Candidates would have, like Jack, figured that out long ago.


I wonder: did everyone who did not survive the 815 plane crash have a happy, content, well adjusted, unbroken life? Like all the folks whose "eulogies" Claire read the night they burned the fuselage? Did everyone who died ON the Island come to it flawed and broken, but complete their freedom-purpose-redemption story during their time there, and so passed on? And are those who are left the ones who are still overcoming things? Was Charlotte right? Is "this place death," in every way, shape and form? You either come to it dead, die getting there, pass on while there, or prepare yourself to die redeemed through what you experience there? All at once staging area, proving ground, purgatory, ghost land, heaven, hell?