• Claire.  Crazy Claire does not like being abandoned. She had just begun to embrace the hope of seeing her son again when Smokey, whom she had thought was "her friend," tried to kill everyone else who was promising to make a way for her to get back to Aaron, and now he has just left her stranded on Hyrda Island. Why didn't he bring her with him to the main Island? No idea, but I'm pretty sure she's not okay with it, and it may come back to haunt him. Bring on the Revenge of Mother of Squirrel Baby!

  • Rose & Bernard?  Like I said in last week's recap, now that we know they aren't "Adam & Eve," I'd love to, nay, I need to know their on-island fate (along with Vincent). I assume they flashed into 2007 when Jughead was detonated just like everyone else. Speaking of Vincent, an interesting thought occurred to me when Jacob told Jack where the Heart of the Island may be found: beyond the bamboo field. Way back when Jack first woke up there, the first living being he saw was Vincent, who was coming from… which direction? Not the beach (south of Jack)… not the lagoon (east of Jack)… beyond the bamboo field, maybe (north of Jack)? Has Vincent been to The Golden Waterfall?

  • Eloise Hawking?  You can't tell me this woman will not be appearing in the finale. She must have something to do with it, as she's always seemed to know more than anyone else what's actually going on and what's going to happen. I fully expect she'll be at the museum concert - perhaps even organizing it - but will she show up in the Island timeline, too?

  • Other Items of Note


    That brief exchange in the jail between Sawyer and Kate before Ana-Lucia hauls the prisoners away - what was that about? Why show us Kate pleading with Sawyer to let her go? How much or how little should we read into these words? Is it truly a statement about innocence? About identity (Sawyer insists he's "a cop;" she's not so sure that defines him at all)? About "letting go" (ala Locke? Or perhaps in a "you loved me but now you have to let me go" foreshadowing type of way)?


    Another choice that made me wonder: Widmore getting a glass of water from Ben's sink. It's odd how many times this season we've seen people fill up cups or canteens or glasses with water. Is Widmore really this thirsty? He didn't even let the tap run, and it likely hasn't been on in three years. That water's kinda murky, too. But he gulps it down like it was his beloved MacCutcheon's whiskey. Anyone have any theories? Would love to hear ‘em.


    Don't forget - though Widmore and Zoe are dead, their equipment remains in their outrigger. Smokey noticed it, but did nothing with it or to it (another underestimation on his part, methinks).


    Great line by Miles: "I lived in these houses 30 years before you did, otherwise known as last week." It's completely inaccurate (young Ben and Miles lived in Dharmaville concurrently from '74-77), but it's fun anyway.


    Ben has enough C-4 on hand to destroy the plane "10 times over." Richard - for some reason - wants exactly that kind of firepower, so they intend to pack it all. I think what we're really being shown here is that there exists on the Island enough explosive to make a bomb so huge it might be capable of… sinking the Island if rigged in the proper location?