What is the magic behind Kid Jacob pouring his ashes into the fire and getting to rise Phoenix-like as adult, corporeal Jacob?


The Answers

From now to the end of the series in this space, we'll be taking notes on how the show is doing in answering the questions we posed at the midpoint of Season Six in this blog, as well as those posed or expanded upon since then




Who rigged the C4 into the electrical system of the Ajira plane?

Widmore. As to why? Best guess comes from what Smokey said: "Widmore knew I would kill these men," the guards he set outside the plane. Seems like it was a trap, a hope that the Monster would make his way to the poorly-guarded plane and try to use it to fly away, only to blow up.


Whose headquarters, respectively, were the seaside cave and the Lighthouse?

It currently appears that Jacob was responsible for the Candidate names in both locales. 


Who/What is Jacob?

There's not really anything left we don't know about him at this point, except how he came and went from the Island. Did he use the donkey wheel? Or some other method?


What side was Widmore on, what did he know, when did he know it, and who told him?

At some point after FreighterGate, Jacob came to visit Widmore and told him to stop staging plane crashes and sending mercenaries to extract Ben, and told him what was really up. And Charles had a purpose, a way back to the Island, and a way to redeem himself.


Partially Answered


Who/What is the Smoke Monster?

We've gotten a LOT of information on this recently, but the story still remains incomplete (as it should be headed into the finale). The biggest things we learned this week are that he prefers to take human form so he can have his feet in touch with the ground to remember he once was a man. And it became more clear that Mother was probably not ever a Smoke Monster. Jacob takes full responsibility for making this entity the way it is, calling it his "mistake." I don't like the implication that this means the Monster wasn't created until 2,000 years ago when Jacob threw his brother into the Source. The hieroglyph at left strongly suggests otherwise, seeming to date the Monster to Egyptian times at least.


Jacob doesn't flat out SAY the Monster is his brother, but he does call the Monster a "mistake" he made, that he, Jacob, is "responsible for the way he [Smokey] is," and the reason why he had to choose Candidates, because one day, the Monster would figure out a way to kill him. And any new candidate is going to have to keep the Monster from finding the Heart of the Island.


I still have several problems with admitting that the Smoke Monster is merely the warped and twisted essence / spirit of Jacob's brother. The biggest problem I have is how letting the guy we met off the Island would possibly cause "God help us all" and "everyone would cease to exist" to happen. This entity told Jacob it wanted to "go home." Well, if this is the Man in Black, the only home he ever knew was the Island. If by "home" he means the place across the sea from where his people came, then what would he have to gain by destroying the world rather than seeing it?