Locke asks what Sawyer is doing there. Sawyer says he heard Desmond fell down a well; he's there to get him out. He looks down it, no Des, tells Locke, "Looks like somebody beat us both to it." Locke asks if James knows why Locke is there. "I'm guessin' you need Desmond to destroy the island." When Locke confirms this as "absolutely right," Ben gets a horrified look on his face.

Sawyer teases Locke that this would be suicide for him, but he insists, "I'm not going down with anything, but YOU, and your little candidates, certainly are." Sawyer then drops some knowledge on Smokey, "We're not candidates anymore!" This seems to genuinely surprise or unnerve Locke, and Sawyer uses the momentary distraction to punch and disarm Ben. He takes off into the jungle with Ben's rifle and backpack (which we assume contains C-4 and the other walkie like the one Ben gave Miles).

Ben asks why Locke isn't going after Sawyer. Locke says he doesn't need to. Now Ben, knocked to his knees and bleeding, gets whiny. Says, "I thought when you said you were going to destroy the island you were speaking figuratively!"

"Why?" asks Locke. "Because I said when I left I would leave you in charge?" Then he says that Ben is still welcome to join him on his boat (the Elizabeth, surely) once he gets Desmond to do what they need him to do to put "this God-forsaken place" "at the bottom of the ocean."

Just then, Locke looks at the ground around the well, notices a paw print.

"I think there was a dog here..."

(Fade to black, rousing applause)

So first of all, I guess I was wrong about Ben perhaps manipulating / playing / conning Smokey in going along with him. It does appear from this clip anyway that Ben had returned to the dark side because he thought he was going to get to play King of the Island again.

Also, Sayid did not help Desmond out of the well. Sayid actually thought Desmond was still in the well. The paw print surely indicates that Vincent, Rose, and Bernard came across Desmond, and helped him out of there. We might even go further and guess that this well is where Rose and Bernard regularly came to get their water? In any case, we were right - they're still on the Island, and they showed up just in time!

We already know the Island ends up at the bottom of the ocean, somehow, some way, in some time. But who or what actually succeeds in doing it? Might sinking the Island actually end up being a brilliant idea, since we know that "The Source" is not extinguishable via water (it already sits in the middle of a waterfall without ever going out), and therefore putting the Island at the bottom of the sea is the ultimate way of making sure nobody finds it, can get to it, or extinguish it?

Sunday is so gonna rock!