Similarly, I spent a few minutes Saturday afternoon making some coarse (course?) notes about items that remain unanswered. Just as above, these are mostly unedited and randomly grouped:

Finale Answers Checklist

First, we have received TONS of answers already: Will there be a new Jacob? Who are Adam & Eve? Were Jacob & the MiB twins? etc., etc.

The still-open questions as I count them are below. I have bolded ones I consider major. Whether or not I actually expect an answer to a "major" question (see: the MiB's name) is another story, however.

  • Did Jacob really visit Widmore, or was that a lie?
  • How does the Island end up underwater?
  • Do the alternate timelines merge? If so, how? Where do our characters end up living happily ever after?
  • The Hurley bird. Why does this giant bird call Hurley's name during the Michael-led trek to sell his friends out to the Others? Why have the producers been so hush-hush whenever asked about it? Where did Hugo even get the nickname Hurley? Why does nobody "back home" ever seem to call him Hurley?
  • The Beechcraft - how'd it get that far?
  • The Man in Black's name
  • Where did Mother come from? What was her name / place of origin?
  • Black Rock journal / Hanso family
  • Why ash? Why does it bother / keep out the Smoke Monster?
  • The cabin? What was up with that place?
  • Are Frank and Richard dead or alive?
  • Is the Smoke Monster the soul of MiB, or an evil entity that took his form and memories? (This was pretty definitively answered later Saturday night during pop-up LOST)
  • Who completed the Donkey Wheel project?
  • How did Jacob come and go from the Island?
  • How did Mother and/or Jacob destroy the Roman village and fill in the MiB's well?
  • Who commissioned the Hydra runway project? Jacob, or Smokey?
  • How did Hugo get the nickname Hurley?
  • Off-kilter Identities? Was there a secret to how Kate was not biologically an Austen, Locke's father was named Cooper, Claire's father was named Shephard, James and Hugo and others go by aliases or nicknames, Miles rejects his father's last name, etc?)
  • Backwards-talking Walt?
  • When and why did the fertility issues start happening on the Island?
  • Why did Jacob need to recruit candidates from the world when he had a group of followers on the Island?
  • Is Libby's last name really Smith? Is it significant? Was her chance meeting with Desmond where he ended up with her boat a set up?
  • Why could Ben kill Widmore when previously he could not?
  • Desmond's vision of Claire & Aaron getting on a helicopter that convinced Charlie to make his sacrifice - why didn't it come to pass? Might it yet?
  • Who shoots at our time skippers from an outrigger? Why do they shoot? Did Juliet hit / kill one of them when shooting back?
  • Why did Sun crash with Ajira 316 in 2007, and not get flashed out into 1977 like Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid?
  • Where does Ethan's seemingly-superhuman strength come from?
    Remember the time he picked up Charlie with one arm and pinned him to a tree? And how he carried off a fighting Charlie and Claire by himself? And how easily he bested Jack in their first fight? What was that about? And how was Jack able to best him the next time they faced?
  • Why was the faked Oceanic 815 crash site in the Indian Ocean - northwest of Australia - when Sydney-to-LA flights take off from Southeast Australia and flight in a northeasterly direction?
    Why did anyone back in the real world believe the crash site was on the level? There should have been no way this flight would ever have been in those coordinates.
  • Dharma - why allowed there?
  • Did Hanso have a deal with the Others? Why did the Others purge them, and if they were going to do that, why wait 20-some years to do it? Why were they allowed to build the barracks atop a sacred tunnel system, and above the Smokey-summoning cave? Did they ever really succeed with any of their experiments? Why do they continue to send food drops, and why do the Others continue to enjoy Dharma-brand products in their refrigerators and pantries? Why did Pierre Chang ever bother with candle-based aliases when there was no mystery around Dharmaville about who he was (he even worked admission on occasion)?
  • Dharma food drops?
  • How are the Others still enjoying Dharma products?
  • David Shephard's mother?
  • Does new-2004 Sawyer have a daughter, Clementine? Does he have a relationship with her?
  • Why was Montand never carried out of the tunnels? Why didn't either Danielle's team or at the very least the Others at least remove/bury him? What is the complete story of Rousseau's team?
  • Why are mirrors and reflections so important / prevalent? Can Jacob watch candidates through mirrors?
  • Why is MIB stuck in Lockeian form?
  • Miles dug up the diamonds from Nikki & Paulo's graves; is this just to tie up that loose end, or will they be significant to the story's endgame?
  • What was the fate of Magnus Hanso? How did the Black Rock ledger end up in the hands of pirates in Madagascar? Why did Widmore buy it? Is Widmore descended from the Hansos?
  • "You've gotta lift it up, brotha" - we have been told this line Desmond once spoke is important to events in the finale.
  • Is Ben really back on the Dark Side?
  • Was Desmond rescued by Rose, Bernard, and Vincent?
  • Eloise Hawking? "Why ‘God help us all' if the O6 plus Ben plus Locke don't all get back to the island?"
  • Bamboo Jack (and the Golden Waterfall beyond the bamboo)
  • Drinking water? Any signif to how often this is shown?
  • Widmore & Zoe's equipment in the canoe?
  • Jack's neck wound?
  • What are the Numbers?
  • A game / the game?
  • Raised by Another?
  • The kids? Will we see them (Aaron, Ji Yeon, etc.?)
  • So the MiB admits that he was appearing as Christian Shephard. I'd still like to know how Smokey/Christian:
    a) Appeared to Jack in the hospital lobby after the O6 returned
    b) Appeared to Michael on the freighter
    c) Appeared to Sun and Lapidus at the barracks when Flocke and Ben were still over on Hydra
  • Ilana's backstory - According to rumors, she was scheduled to have a backstory in which she was Jacob's daughter?
  • What was Libby doing in Santa Rosa? Will Hurley ever figure out where he knew her from? What is her last name? What was she doing in Australia in our original timeline (reason for travel)? Did someone send her to "coincidentally" meet Desmond and offer him her boat The Elizabeth for his race?
  • the history of the Swan hatch between ‘The Incident' and Radznisky killing himself (if that is what really happened, Kelvin)
  • What did Richard mean when he told Sun he watched all her friends die in 1977?
  • We met Jill, who appears to be an off-island Other, at the beginning of Season Five. It's her butcher shop where Locke's corpse is kept nice and cool until Ben and Jack are ready to take it to the airport. In their brief meeting, Jill mocks Jack to Ben (who defends Jack as having been through a lot), tells Ben that everything's on schedule, says the dead body will be "safe" with her. Ben leaves her with this quote: "So keep him safe, Jill. Because if you don't… everything we're about to do won't matter at all." This quote and scene stick out to me like a sore thumb now. What did Ben think he was about to do? Shoot, I'm not even clear yet on his motives for returning to the island. All we do know is once he got there he did nothing but unwittingly become the MiB's Jacob-killing patsy. What did these Others think they were doing, and what was so important about it, and why did it involve Dead Locke and the rest of the O6? Were they just important to Ben getting back in the same way they are important to MiB being able to leave? Related question: What did Ben surreptitiously pull out of the air vent in the LA hotel room where he and Jack stayed? Has that or will that ever come into play?

See you Tuesday afternoon with my finale recap!