Speaking of Brother Campbell, I just remembered he had a picture of Mrs. Hawking on his desk in the monastery. And seeing Eloise in last night's episode was a reminder of why she's always known so much. Eloise Hawking was forever haunted by having shot her own talented son in the back. And when (obviously) Jack's plan to detonate that bomb never brought her son back to her, how delighted must she have been in death to have the chance to be with Daniel again. Her words to Desmond at the concert indicate that her greatest fear is someone awakening her son, and taking him away into "Heaven." Desmond lets her know that it won't be him doing this. But as we have just seen Daniel finally having a meet-cute with Charlotte, the woman who the mere glimpse of her at the museum had been enough to get him drawing physics diagrams in his sleep, we can bet that soon enough, Daniel, Charlotte, and others will soon be making their own journeys to the next great beyond.


Loved Desmond's line to Kate about "No one can tell you why you're here, Kate." You can take it two ways. You can ask why you're dead, but in the end, there's no good reason, as it's everyone's fate no matter what. No real rhyme or reason to it. You can also take it as you needing to figure out your own purpose and destiny within the world of the dead. Will you move on? Reject your second chances? Remain ignorant? What?


Good job of injecting humor into this episode. Loved Sawyer's lines about Bigfoot (Hurley), the Magic Leprechaun (Desmond), and the Burning Bush (Jacob). Ben and Miles also got a few smilers to say. This was a show that was totally underrated for its humor.


Free will still exists even in death, as Hurley indicates to Sayid. Dig it.


Rose and Bernard don't even know what year it is on the Island now, and don't even care. They have one rule of their own - don't get involved with Island events. They broke that rule for Desmond. Indeed, rules can be broken. And indeed, they have consequences. Helping Desmond brought the Man in Black to their doorstep, where he threatened to gut them if Des didn't cooperate. Des swings a deal to ensure their safety, and we can assume that Rose, Bernard, and Vincent lived out the remainder of their days in health and happiness on Hurley's Island. In death, I don't know what occurred that woke them up, but I am convinced that in the episode where Jack visited Bernard's office, Bernard was speaking as someone who was already Memory-Activated and was just waiting for the rest of his friends to join him.


Also liked bringing Rose's old line of "not going anywhere with" him / that man out of the closet.


Of course Richard and Frank both lived. As Damon Lindelof once told us, unless we show you something happening (like a death), you can't assume it happened. This m.o. goes all the way back to wondering if Jin died in the freighter explosion. I do like that we guessed right about the life preservers, though, back when Sawyer was watching them wash up on shore. It was pretty clear that was Frank's ticket.


Juliet - in DeadWorld - has the last name Carlson instead of Burke (since she never married that creepy hit-by-a-bus ex of hers from her first life). Carlson was her maiden name, which we know from it being the same last name as her sister Rachel.


I'm still wondering, though, why Miles' last name never changed from Straume to Chang in the DeadWorld. Did Miles ever embrace death once it came to him at all? He is not at the church with the group that is leaving. He was always kinda sorta in it for the money and to save his own skin. I loved him as a character but I can't help but wonder - due to the open questions the producers left us with about him and the fact he dug up the diamonds - if he ever truly "got it." I took a lot from his line to Richard as they are doing maintenance on the plane - "I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape." First time through, I laughed at that line. Yay, duct tape! Second time through, my face fell. Faith is the key, Miles! And you are truly standing there in front of a guy who you just saw go from unaging to mortal - having been flashed through time and having seen sentient clouds of black smoke and having been gifted with the ability to talk to the dead - and you can actually still talk of what you DON'T believe in? I worry for you, my friend.