Jack and MiB continue their right vs. wrong discussion when lowering Desmond into the cavern feels like "old times" when they stood atop the open Hatch. I loved the verbal beatdown Jack gives the MiB here about dangit, you aren't John Locke, you dishonor him, he was right about most everything, and I wish I coulda told him, so shut it. And once again, being-right-obsessed MiB can only retort that Locke was never right, and when you drop into the ocean with this island (foreshadowing his own end), you'll know that.


The producers had told us that Desmond's long-ago line to Jack of "You gotta lift it up, Brotha" would come into play. I put it to you. Did this refer to the heavy plug being lifted back into the hell hole? Did it refer to Jack finally lifting the lid to his father's coffin? Or both?


Why is it that pulling the plug suddenly puts flesh and blood into the body of the Smoke Monster? I honestly have no explanation for this, other than what we discussed earlier about unforeseen happenings. You can be SO smart and think you've played your game perfectly and were so right, but then something completely out of the blue can happen to you that you had no way of anticipating, causing your own arrogance and self-rightness to be your fatal flaw. His failure to believe ever since the beliefs handed down from his mother were challenged twisted him, ruined him, and destroyed him. But here's one irony - he never HAD to be bad. Could he have not chosen to be a good little Smoke Monster? And once his mortal coils were returned to him, could he not have suddenly chosen to embrace that miracle (he was so bitter previously about his body having been stolen from him unfairly) and work towards restoring the Island WITH Jack and Co.? I bet Hurley would have let him leave, and see the world, with his new order in place on the Island, and humanity safe. But he was too blind and too far gone to even consider the hell it would be to admit he was ever wrong.


Didn't you like how when Ben was trapped by the falling tree limb all these people who once hated and feared him so much wouldn't leave without him? Only question is, one minute he's pinned and the whole group can't free him. Next minute, Jack is off chasing Smokey, Kate has gone after him, and now a smaller group ends up getting Ben free? How?


We know what was up with Jack's neck wound now - but it doesn't explain why he never experienced a wound like that in his side during his DeadWorld scenes.


When Jack's neck started bleeding after Locke's surgery, and Locke wakes up talking about "You don't have a son" and "I hope somebody does for you what you did for me," I thought, oh, crap, it's just like the old days, and Jack's gonna start getting really insulted and pissy at Locke's crypto-faith comments! But no. He simply makes his way to the concert. There is no David there, only Memory-Activated Kate. She has missed him so… and she touches him and he recoils because he's not ready to let go, to remember, to accept that he's dead. She does manage to convince him, however, to go with her to the church, where his final reckoning can occur. "If you come with me, you will [understand]," she tells him. Such assurance, such conviction in her words.


On the island, meanwhile, Kate wants Jack to come with her, be done with this cursed place, let the island sink. "I can't," he says. Not only is he sworn to protect it, but sunken Island, he knows, equals DeadWorld. And that just won't do. The light must be put right, or "God help us all."