Ben shows how he was in some ways always a true Captain of the Island. If it's going down, he says, well he's going down with it. That's consistent. It was all he ever had, and he loved it to the end. But if you think about it, they told us all along (we always knew names were important on this show) who the next King of the Island would be. What is the meaning of the Spanish word Reyes? Kings. Still, Hurley was only able to do this job after his friend Jack placed faith in him, just like Hurley had earlier encouraged Jack with his own faith. "I believe in you" are meant to come across as the incredibly powerful words that they truly are.


Best scene of the finale - Sawyer's Apollo bar sticks in the vending machine, just like Jack's once did. Juliet catches him trying to get it out. She tells him a secret. When the bar falls, her words are the exact ones spoken during her death scene in the season's first episode: "It worked. We should get coffee sometime. We could go Dutch." Sparks fly and hallelujah! I especially love this scene for the meaning it gave to "It worked." All this time we assumed it meant the Jughead plan worked, but no. It was merely Juliet in death seeing and saying the lines from her meet-up with Sawyer, who won't die for several more years (we assume), but for her it's happening right then, right there.


You know, guys, I never got into the Jater / Skater thing, but one reason for that is that from where I stood, it was always going to be Jack and Kate, from the very moment she stitched up his wound on the island. And once they painted the picture of Dharma Days Sawyer and Juliet in love and having spent THREE YEARS together, there was likewise no doubt in my mind that these two had an everlasting love. Not much else needs to be said, but I am sorry if you were holding out hope for different romantic ending that never materialized.


Kate got Claire to come with them by assuring her that no one ever knows how to be a mother until they do it. It's another metaphor for the show itself. No one can show you how to play the game, what you're here for, how to live or care for another person. The key is just doing it.


Ben advises King Hugo that he doesn't have to operate under the same rules as Jacob. He can make his own. And they should be in line with the strength of his personality - taking care of people. And we can start right here with getting Desmond back to his family, and I think I can show you how we can do that… (wanna make a trip to the Orchid station with me?).


Jack and Christian's scene in the church was the crux of understand everything that happened. Much of it we covered above, such as the explanations of Death being a place outside of time, and that those who are most important to a person - the people with whom you faced the most challenging but rewarding times - they are the ones who will build a DeadWorld with you so that you might all find each other again. Life is lived in community - solo runners don't get very far down the love trail. And by the way, Jack, no, you're not "leaving." More like "moving on." Let's go find out what y'all's Heaven is gonna look like.


I neither loved nor hated the conglomeration of the world's religious symbols being so prevalent in that final scene. All those philosophies contributed to the making of the show, so the producers had every right to include them. Beyond the Christian ones, I felt the Taoist yin and yang, the black-and-white, good-and-evil dualism and sense of balance played the best and the heaviest among all the others over the course of the show.