Why Could Ben Kill Widmore When Previously He Couldn't? I think we got a sense from recent interviews with the producers and some lines from this episode that most "rules" were never immutable laws or anything. You could choose to follow them or not… but not following them would have consequences. I think off-Island Ben and Widmore both knew that if either of them killed the other, the consequence would be forfeiting any shot of ever getting back there.


Who is David Shephard's Mother in the DeadWorld? As we hoped and suspected, it was Juilet. This is even more rewarding when you consider what Ben said so long ago about why he chose Juliet as part of his manipulative scheme to break Jack in the Hyrda station - she bore a striking resemblance to Sarah, Jack's former wife.


Miles and the Diamonds - Do They Come into Play? Not in any direct way, as they let us imagine the life Miles goes on to live when Ajira 316 makes its way home. But the facts that Miles "doesn't believe" in many things, that even in death he doesn't embrace his identity as Miles Chang, that he isn't at the church in the final scene… these things have me believing he never shook off his temptation to value money above love and anything else.


"You've Gotta Lift it Up, Brotha" - How Will this Manifest? The producers had told us this phrase of Desmond's would show up. It wasn't spoken, but it was acted out. Twice. With the stopper in the pool, and with the coffin lid.


Is Ben Really Back on the Dark Side? No. I can't call his Widmore killing a nice thing (though I do like to think he let Charles die in a nicer, quicker way than MiB was going to), but in going with Smokey he just still was making the plays that were most convenient to him. But when he found out Smokey really did want to destroy the Island, he was horrified. And when he knew once and for all which side was aiming to save humanity, he signed right up.


Who Rescued Desmond? Those meddling Nadlers and their dog.


What Became of Rose, Bernard, and Vincent? Still there, still happy. They lived out their days on the Island in happiness.


What Was Up With all the Water Everyone Kept Drinking and Refilling? See above. This was a subtle clue all season.


Jack's Neck Wound - What's That About? Past experiences intruding on the world of the dead. Jack sustained it when MiB gave him the wound that would lead to his death.


What are The Numbers? We already kinda knew that they referred to Jacob's candidates and to their sum, 108, which was painted in a mural inside the Hatch - which just happened to be home to Desmond Hume for several years. It bothers me a little that Kate can be a candidate when she didn't correspond to one of the six special numbers, but that's not that big a deal. I think the fact these numbers were entered into the Swan computer was just because they were a convenient code to use (had to use something). 4-8-15-16-23-42 was the serial number for the Hatch lid, so they could have just chosen that for the computer code for the same reason. The Numbers were also broadcast via the Island's radio tower, and we can assume Dharma built that and started that broadcast sometime after the Incident. Or perhaps the Others built it on order of Jacob, as it did serve to call in groups like Rousseau's team, and to get Lenny to carry them in his head to Santa Rosa where Hurley would hear them, play the lottery with them, and set himself on the path of becoming the New Jacob.