Fertility Issues? If it weren't for flippin Ethan being born (albeit Caesarean) in 1977, we could theorize about these issues going back even further. What happened between then and now? I can only think The Incident had something to do with it. Post-incident, Dharma posted all sorts of Quarantine warnings in the Hatch, and came up with a vaccine for an apparent sickness that began to infect people. This same vaccine that Desmond took in the Hatch and was part of the food drops is what Ethan was giving to Claire, and which Charlie later secured some of to give to Claire as well. I'm not sure Claire ever needed it, as her baby was conceived off-island, and Juliet theorized that the problems began at conception, though they didn't end up threatening the life of child or mother until the end of the second trimester.


Why Does Ash Bother the Smoke Monster? Great question. Maybe because he's all mad about not having a body of his own anymore, and our bodies are essentially ash ("ashes to ashes"?)


Backwards-Talking "Special" Walt. How did he do that? Walt shows up dripping wet at one point, and speaking backwards to Shannon. He had a bad feeling about the Hatch - didn't want John to open it. He gave the Others all they could handle (if you've never seen this batch of "mobisodes," they're worth checking out, in particular the Room 23 one about Walt). All I really need to know is that several characters on LOST are "special" - Miles can talk to dead bodies. Hurley can see dead people. Walt can make birds fly into windows. MiB could see his dead mother and was adept at science. Locke was recognized in the finale has having been special - probably for his unwavering faith. Some things you just can't explain in life.


What did Richard mean when he told Sun that he saw her friends die in 1977? I think this was an assumption on Richard's part. All he knew was that he helped Jack and Co. take a nuclear device to the Swan site in 1977. He knew they detonated it. And they disappeared. Richard had no way of knowing they hadn't died, but had instead caused a time-flash reaction that had flashed them into Present Day Island Time.


Posed by the Finale


How does pulling the plug make Smokey flesh-and-blood again? And if it does that, why is he still in Locke's form? When he's killed, he leaves a body, so there are now two John Locke corpses on the Island? Yeah, apparently so. Sorry, don't really have any theories as to why the plug pulling made Smokey mortal again.


Stumped! Somebody Help ME Out


The Black Rock Journal - how'd it get off the Island to be found among the artifacts of pirates in Madagascar and eventually bought at auction by Charles Widmore? Did it contain any secrets?


Outrigger Shootings - who shot at Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, etc. while they were time skipping? Whoever it was had Ajira water bottles in their canoe, so… ?


Dharma Still Sending Food to the Island? A dozen years after the Purge, Dharma is still sending food. Some gets dropped in the jungle outside the Swan, while still more finds its way into the kitchens and pantries of the Others. Either Dharma HQ back in Ann Arbor is really dumb (don't they realize no data from any of the hatches is being sent back to headquarters anymore?), or Ben and his network of off-island Others tricked the system by putting someone inside Dharma who still makes it look like business as usual and keeps the foodstuffs coming (seems like Rose and Bernard are still enjoying Dharma goods in 2007, even).