What did Ben THINK he was going back to the Island to do that was such a big deal (told Jill the Butcher: "Keep [Locke's body] safe Jill, because if you don't, everything we're about to do won't matter at all"). Was it just making sure he got back that was so important to him? That's my assumption. Proving he could do it, and being in charge again.


Appearances of Christian. Right now, I'm going with Jack seeing Christian in the hospital lobby as a hallucination or a ghost sighting (although they sure made a big stink about the smoke alarm malfunction in that scene). I'm going with Christian appearing to Michael on the boat as an indication that the writers hadn't yet worked out that Smokey can't just fly about between islands over water whenever he wants to yet. And I'm going with Christian appearing at the barracks to Sun and Lapidus while Flocke was still over on Hydra as oversight.


Libby Stuff. We still never actually heard her last name in any episode (it's listed in several places as "Smith," but that always struck me as a cop out). Nor do we know who her late husband was who gave her The Elizabeth, or why she was in Santa Rosa the first time (or why she was on 815 originally).


Widmore & Zoe's Equipment. It ended up just being left in that outrigger. What was it for? What were they intending to do if they hadn't gotten captured/killed?


Just Have Fun with These Because There Was Never Going to be an Answer


Origins of Mother


Montand in the Tunnels (why'd his team as well as the Others just leave his body there?) / the Rest of Rousseau's Story


Why Was the Faked Crash Site in the Indian Ocean? Why Did the World Buy It?


History of the Swan Hatch post-incident


Finally, if that wasn't enough for you, there's this. It was forwarded to me today, but I have to say, while some of it is valid questioning (backwards-talking Walt saying not to push the button - the button's bad), some of it is remedial (the polar bear in the comic book? Simple foreshadowing; Walt didn't manifest the bears onto the island so he could see one. That we at one time thought he might have is just what makes the storytelling good), and some of it makes me think this guy just never got it (the Others' fake beards? Come on. If you are going to show up to people who crash landed on your Island, are you going to want to present yourself as clean, well-groomed, air-conditioned, fresh-baked cookies types? Or would that just make the newbies want to come gate crash your party? No - you're going to make yourself look scuzzy so they'll leave you alone and underestimate you). But, fair enough.


…And There's Always Going to Be Something More to Say…


I delayed a bit in writing this blog because while it remains unposted the show still remains open for me! It's hard to say good-bye! But it's not hard to say thank you, and I wish to express that sentiment to the following folks for their support and faith.