And I believe a third choice is to reject - or not take advantage of - this second-chance DeadWorld and go on being an evil, unredeemed creep. I base this notion off an idea I came up with when I was trying to think if we had ever seen any characters from DeadWorld "die." Sun was shot... and lived. Locke was run over... and lived. Charlie choked on a bag of heroin... and lived. Desmond's car crashed into the harbor... and he lived. Did anyone die in DeadWorld?


Keamy. And Mikhail. And their goons. Perhaps one message the show has sent us is that an eternal damnation only awaits those who throw away all chances and continue to just be flat-out evil. And guess what? It's even biblical. In Revelation 21:8 John refers to the "fiery lake of burning sulfur" as "the second death"! Makes sense, right? These characters died once to get to DeadWorld. If they die there as well, that's a second death. And it just can't be coincidental that this only happened to the real baddies; those who still had hope were kept from double-dying almost miraculously, almost as if there was Purpose to it, almost exactly like how certain characters couldn't die in our original LivingWorld timeline until they had completed their missions.

About that Fiery Lake of Sulfur


Was that what was under the plug Desmond pulled? Hell? Hey, you tell me. The show certainly left that up to your beliefs to determine. For me, the clues of the show given by Jacob as well as my own Christianity inform me that this is an accurate a reading as any, since the concept fits for me into much of the rest of the story.


Who put that pit, tub, and plug at the base of the waterfall? Who do you think? Me, I think it dates to the creation of the world, beginning of humanity. To life starting, to death being a part of it. To good beginning, to the choice of evil needing to contrast it, balance it out. The plug, to me, represents the ultimate result of free will, THE last place where it all comes down to it. In the Source is both Life and Death. When Mother said this, I think it was meant on two levels.


First, yes, the Light (and perhaps the water, too) are part of what is inside not just the island, but every man. The Cavern is a real macro-level thing, but each of us has our own hole in the soul on a micro-level, too. Do you dare go in? Are you so determined that you find impossible ways to get by the safeguards? Can you deal with the outcome of your ultimate choice? Will you be right or wrong about it?


Second, there is Choice in the Source. Venturing in you can choose life, or death. We saw a skeleton lying to the side in the caves. Perhaps that was someone who ventured down and chose life by NOT choosing to venture into the pool that would kill him anyway, but also not to pull the plug that would extinguish life for all others. You can choose death (and even then, you have to be REALLY SURE you want to choose this, because you are choosing it for everyone, not just yourself, as it will take the creation of an impervious-to-electromagnetism guy to wade through the pool and get to the cork).


So what happened to the Man in Black when Jacob sent him down there? He washed into the pool, and the electromagnetism literally ripped the soul from his body, which later washed out the back side (just as Jack did). He emerged a black-hearted, twisted version of himself. Angry at Jacob, bitter at the lies told by his Mother, blinded by these concepts and what happened to him to the point where even with thousands of years he would never take the time to consider the possibilities that anyone else was right, that Mother's lies were for his protection, that perhaps they were all she knew herself, that perhaps they didn't necessarily negate other truths. For all Jacob's own flaws, he was at least wise to consider these possibilities on the night his brother first told him about the lies.